Baha’i Blog’s “Upcoming Events” Section is Now Closed

In 2015, with your assistance, we launched a number of new initiatives, such as the Baha’i Blog YouTube channel, and the new categories of Audio and Images They have all seen lots of interest and growth. We have also received through the Baha’i Blog survey and your emails many more suggestions and requests for features and functionality which are being reviewed.  In order to best serve you with the limited resources to hand, we have been reflecting on Baha’i Blog’s current services and those being offered by other websites to see where we can leverage each other’s strengths.

When we launched Baha’i Blog in 2011, one of our first sections was a calendar of Upcoming Events. Many national Baha’i communities are now already providing or planning to provide a calendar of events for their country.  Rather than duplicating such a service, we believe it would be much preferable, and would avoid confusion and misinformation, if we directed you to the official national Baha’i community websites for such information.   In light of this we have decided to close down the Upcoming Events section and will not be accepting any new event submissions.

Over the coming year we will be further refining some of our other services and planning new ones.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for the help and support you have given and continue to give us in developing Baha’i Blog and for giving us the opportunity of serving you.  Truly thank you!

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