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Calling for Australian Creators! Introducing: Baha’i Blog’s ‘Creator Network’

Since sharing our plans for a new Baha’i Blog vision and direction, we’ve been working on expanding our network of Australian creators to share their artistic expressions of the Revelation of Baha’u’llah and its transformative powers. We want to inspire individuals around Australia to get interested, excited, and involved! We believe films and other arts and media have a role to play in doing just that. But, we can’t do it alone. Continue reading

Baha’i Blog Job Opening: Social Media & Community Role (Australia based)

Recently we laid out our plans for a new Baha’i Blog vision and direction, and our small team is working away on bringing it to fruition in the coming weeks and months. With all the magic the team manages behind the scenes, it sometimes seems like we’ve got lots of people working here, but in fact the core operational team is just two people, with a couple of regular contributors, and a wider community of occasional contributors.

With our new plans, we’re making a couple of team changes, including growing the team! Which means we’re on the hunt for someone in Australia to join us! The role would best suit someone with social media, online marketing and creative skills who is super organised, can work independently within some clear parameters, has great judgment, and is happy to work in a remote, distributed team. Design, video, or audio skills are a big plus! Continue reading

A New Baha’i Blog

With the whole Baha’i world on the precipice of a new phase of its history, working to the singular aim of releasing the society-building power of the Faith, we’re excited to announce our own evolution. As a proudly Australian independent initiative, Baha’i Blog has always existed to focus on Baha’i-inspired arts and media. There’s never been a more important time for the arts and media in our communities, and it’s time for us to take a fresh step forward with our humble initiative. Continue reading

4 Ways You Can Help Support Baha’i Blog

We just celebrated Baha’i Blog’s 10th birthday, and it’s been an amazing decade of creating Baha’i-inspired content! Everything that we’ve been able to produce and share online has been thanks to the hard work of the Baha’i Blog team and the help of volunteers and financial contributors.

Creating a variety of content and ensuring that it is of a high standard is no easy task, and this requires resources and material means: videos, audio recordings, interviews and articles all require time, talent, and/or money. As an individual initiative, we are so incredibly grateful to everyone who contributes to Baha’i Blog – be it by subscribing to our YouTube channel or sharing one of our posts on Facebook, hosting or feeding musicians when they’re recording a Studio Session or singing those very songs, writing articles, sending us an email when a typo or error is spotted, or making financial contributions from the heart. We couldn’t do what we do without your help, and we strive to make the most of every contribution received.

We could ALWAYS use more assistance to keep Baha’i Blog going, and to continue exploring other potential projects too! We often get asked how Baha’i Blog can be supported so we thought, in honor of our 10th year online, we’d share four ways you can help: Continue reading

Celebrating 10 Years of Baha’i Blog!

Baha’i Blog is super excited to share that we are celebrating our 10 year anniversary since we launched in Naw-Ruz 2011! (Woohoo!!!)

Over the last 10 years, we’ve been passionately exploring how the Revelation of Baha’u’llah translates into different avenues of media by creating a plethora of Baha’i-inspired content, which we hoped will serve the Baha’i community, and also help raise the profile of the Baha’i Faith online. We hope you’ve enjoyed Baha’i Blog so far, and more importantly, we hope that our work has contributed to your journey and exploration of the wonderful teachings of the Baha’i Faith.

Here’s a brief outline of what Baha’i Blog is all about and some examples of our projects over the last decade: Continue reading

Introducing the Baha’i Blog TV (BBTV) Website!

The Baha’i Blog TV app (or BBTV as we like to call it!) is now available as a website as well! (Woohoo!!!)

Baha’i Blog TV showcases hundreds of Baha’i-inspired videos: just like the Baha’i Blog TV iPhone and Android app, when you go to, you’ll find a wide variety of Baha’i-inspired videos handpicked by the Baha’i Blog team! So whether you’re looking for inspiring Baha’i talks, beautiful Baha’i music, or other Baha’i films to share with your friends, we’ve got it covered! Continue reading