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This trailer showcases Vargha Mazlum’s documentary about Carole Lombard. Carole was a famous American actress who lived from 1908 to 1942 and who ranks among the greatest female stars of classic Hollywood cinema. Carole was a Baha’i and Vargha set out to tell her story. Narrated by Eva La Rue, this documentary is available for purchase and download from 9StarMedia

For more information about the film, feel free to check out Baha’i Blog’s interview with filmmaker Vargha Mazlum here: A New Documentary about Actress Carole Lombard

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Sonjel Vreeland

In her innermost heart, Sonjel is a stay-at-home parent and a bookworm with a maxed out library card but professionally she is a museologist with a background in English Literature. She currently lives on Prince Edward Island, an isle in the shape of a smile on the eastern Canadian coast. Sonjel is a writer who loves to listen to jazz when she's driving at night.

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  1. I really enjoyed this video. However, it is unable to play on a US DVD player. I had to watch it on my computer. But it was good.

        1. Thank you, Vargha, for answering my question. Being a fan of both Carole and Clark, I am anxiously looking forward to viewing your excellent documentary….Pamela

        2. Pamela, Let us know if yours works in U.S. or not. Because mine was made for a different zone. But this was a few months now. The new ones may possibly be zoned for U.S. Thanks

      1. Beth….I just wanted to let you know my DVD arrived today, and I am happy to say it plays beautifully on my DVD player. The quality appears to be excellent. I am anxious to see it in its entirety.

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