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Andrea Hope is an internationally-recognized performance poet, featured by The American Baha’i (U.S.A.), The Shanghai Tunnels Project (China), and The Catholic Association for Racial Justice (U.K.). In 2012, she published her first spoken word album, Wellsprings. For more information on where you can find her teaching workshops, saying prayers, and hugging trees, check out her website:

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Failure…You’re Doing It Wrong

A young Baha’i couple has an imaginative eight-year-old daughter who spends her birthday each year painting a picture of her family on a large canvas, which they proudly display above the dining room table. Throughout the years, the couple has helped her to experiment with different artistic mediums and taken her to community workshops and classes.

For the last six months, this same couple has been hosting a junior youth group. They start with seven youth, but eventually only four come regularly, and the couple is disheartened that they must go around the neighborhood each week to invite them to attend. Alas, they report at an annual reflection meeting that they are failing to find receptive youth and are not sure that the group should continue.

In situations such as this, what motivates the couple to support their daughter’s artwork year after year, yet become disheartened by the group after six months? Surely they have come across challenges in encouraging their daughter’s developing interest.

The answer, in one word, is “perspective”. Continue reading