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Justin Watts

Justin lives in Melbourne, Australia where he belies his country origins by embracing the hipster lifestyle. You might see him and his tight jeans riding a fixie in search of café latte. Justin works for a software company and is passionate about technology bringing people closer together.

5 Tips for Starting a Devotional on is an online social networking portal that facilitates offline group meetings in over 196 countries. It’s typically used by people wanting to practise a new language, meet people in a new city, or dress up as wizards and play dungeons and dragons. So my friends and I thought, why don’t we start a devotional on for people who are interested in having soulful reflections?

We live in Melbourne, Australia, and one year on and we’ve had 105 people express their interest by joining the group. We’ve held 19 Meetups with an average of 11 people attending each time. The diversity of backgrounds and views has made it a fascinating way to meet people from our local area who are looking to have meaningful conversations.

Based on our experience and our learnings, here are five tips for starting a devotional of your own using Continue reading