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Sarah-Maria Schuster

Sarah-Maria is a passionate midwife currently working part-time in a maternity ward. Other than her work, she is doing her Masters Degree in Midwifery and Research. She is married and lives in Zurich. She also works on her new maternity blog which serves all families around the globe (

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My Thoughts on What the Courage of The Dawn-Breakers Looks Like Today

Courage is a word that could be used on a daily basis, frivolously, out of habit, without really thinking about it. Recently, in thinking about the stories found in The Dawn-Breakers, I’ve been reflecting on how what was very courageous ages ago, seems even more impossible to believe in nowadays and how courage can differ from person to person. I’ve been asking myself, has bravery and courage changed throughout history? What does courage look like in my life? Is it standing up for my rights at work, sharing my thoughts and opinions in discussions and being brave enough to swim against the current?  Continue reading