Baha’is on Reddit: Share and Vote on Baha’i Stories

The more time you spend online, the more you realize just how much content is out there. Social news sites like Reddit let users share and vote on links to help surface interesting content in a democratic manner.

If you’ve never been to Reddit before, it’s a bit of a nerdy blend of social news and community forums where you can go to different subreddits, which are sort of like channels, to find content you are interested in. Subreddits range from the mainstream to quirky and niche.

I recently came across the Baha’i subreddit which has a small but loyal group of users posting and sharing Baha’i links and starting discussions. It’s fairly nascent, but there is some neat stuff being posted and it’s worth stopping by.

Of course with any public internet forum there will be a variety of viewpoints and people on the site, so it’s always good to keep in mind what source you are reading from and use your best judgement and wisdom in discussions.

Personally, I’m thrilled to see Baha’is getting online and using services like Reddit to share Baha’i content, and hope this subreddit gets more and more popular. And I hope we see Baha’i Blog posts being shared there too!

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Collis is a designer, entrepreneur, writer and Baha’i. He is the CEO of Australian tech company Envato, and cofounder of Baha’i Blog / Half Light Media.

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