“The Baha’i Faith & Atheism”: A Talk by Dr. Steven Phelps

Thanks to the Baha’i Publishing Trust of Sweden, we’re happy to share with everyone a great talk given by Dr. Steven Phelps called “The Baha’i Faith & Atheism (Part 1 of 2)”. 

You can also listen to and download Part 2 of this talk here:


This talk was given by Dr. Steven Phelps at the Swedish Baha’i Summer School in July, 2009.

Dr. Steven Phelps is an American Baha’i physicist, philosopher and translator who currently lives in Oregon, USA. If you’re interested in learning more about him, he was interviewed by Rainn Wilson in this episode of the Baha’i Blogcast: https://soundcloud.com/user-545312385/bahai-blogcast-steven-and-rainn

We’d really like to thank Dr. Steven Phelps for giving us permission to publish this wonderful talk, and to the Baha’i Publishing Trust of Sweden for organising the recording of the talk, and for giving us permission to publish it as well.

Happy listening!

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  1. In contemplating the existence of God, I started with, if there is no God than I can create. So, self, create this handfull of dirt. Create the minerals. Create the laws to create the minerals. Create the process to grind the mineral to powder. Create an earth for the minerals to rest on. Create an eternal mineral spirit of existence. Create eternity. Create the thought to create earth, laws, substance, minerals, disintegration. Create death. Create you. Create. Create the thought to create you. Create love. Create the thought to use love to create you, earth, minerals and dirt. Create the being that can create all this. Alas you can not? Perhaps there is a God after all.

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