i24NEWS: The History and Community of the Baha’i Faith

i24NEWS released a short news video about the history of the Baha’i Faith in Akka. i24NEWS is an Israeli international 24-hour news and current affairs television channel located in Tel Aviv, Israel. It broadcasts in French, English and Arabic. In this short video, we hear about what happened in Akka 150 years ago, when Baha’u’llah and His followers arrived in the prison city.

You can find out more about the 150th anniversary of Baha’u’llah’s arrival in Akka with three podcasts released by the Baha’i World News Service. You can find part one here, part two here, and part three here on Baha’i Blog.

For more information about i24NEWS, please visit their website: www.i24news.tv

You can also watch this i24NEWS video about some of the Baha’is serving at the Baha’i World Centre called “The Volunteers of the Baha’i Shrine”.

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Naysan is the editor of Baha'i Blog and he has worked in various avenues of media for two decades. He’s passionate about using the arts and media to support and explore the teachings of the Baha’i Faith and he has produced and collaborated on popular music projects like the "DawnBreaker Collective" and the successful Ruhi-inspired sequence of "MANA" albums. His experience as a producer for CNN was invaluable while working on a number of special projects for the Baha’i World Centre, including the "Building Momentum" and "Pilgrimage: A Sacred Experience" videos. If there’s a media-related Baha’i project out there, chances are that Naysan was involved with it somehow!

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  1. you can only cry, cry, cry. The absolute obedience of Baha’u’llah against the terrible sultan has made and become the beautiful home of Justice and much more! Weep, cry, weep over cruelty! I can not write anymore, just cry dear Naysan! Many thanks for the beautiful video

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