Baha’i Blog Presents “Una Serata con NAIM (An Evening with NAIM)”

Baha’i Blog is excited to share a new music initiative called “Una Serata con NAIM” which is Italian for “An Evening with NAIM”.

In this live concert filmed in his hometown of Genoa, Italy, Italian singer and songwriter NAIM takes us on a musical journey where he shares music from his album Libero, and interweaves principles of the Baha’i Faith and the inspiration behind the songs.

A couple of years ago, the team at Baha’i Blog wanted to experiment in creating a music video series called “Baha’i Blog Presents An Evening with…”, where we would film and record live Baha’i-inspired concerts featuring various Baha’i musicians and bands. I had just interviewed NAIM about his album Libero (which you can read here) and he was organizing a concert based on the album. It was as if the stars aligned. He graciously accepted to be the first to help us try out the idea of filming “An Evening with…” and so “Una Serata con NAIM (An Evening with NAIM)” came to life!

We were excited that the concert was in Italian, as we not only wanted to keep it authentic, but having lived in Italy myself, I knew that we could use more Baha’i-inspired content in Italian online. Don’t worry, we’ve included subtitles in both English and Italian as well!

“Una Serata con NAIM (An Evening with NAIM)” is available on both Baha’i Blog’s YouTube channel and Soundcloud page, plus we’ve also included edits of the individual songs without the commentary in case you just want to listen to the songs.

A lot goes into making something like this happen, so I really want to give a very special thank you to NAIM for working on this with us, and for sharing his amazing talent! I also want to give a special thank you to everyone else who helped behind the scenes to make this happen!

We hope you enjoy the show!

[NOTE: Click on the little “CC” button on the bottom right of each video to enable subtitles in English or Italian]

Here’s the full playlist on YouTube:


Here’s the full playlist on Soundcloud:


Find out more about NAIM and his music here on his website:
And follow him on these social media pages:

Songs from this concert are based on the album Libero by NAIM, which can be found using the following links:
Google Play

Read Baha’i Blog’s interview with NAIM here: Libero: A Baha’i-Inspired Album by NAIM

Also, check out these songs composed by NAIM on Baha’i Blog’s Studio Sessions as well:

1. “So Powerful (Tanto Potente)” by Naim
2. “Rendi Radioso Questo Giovane (Make This Youth Radiant)” by Moonshoes
3. “Dedicate la vostra mente (Dedicate Your Mind)” by Francesco & Lorenzo

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