Some Native American Prophecies and the Baha’i Faith

The Americas – North, Central and South America – are the home to over 980 Indigenous Nations, and these Nations all have different languages, traditions, clothing, housing, diets, etc. I am for instance from the South-western United States, but am part Apache, part Pueblo, and part Yaqui, but most people would just see me as a ‘Native American’ without much thought to the diversity of culture which exists within Indigenous America.

Unfortunately, Indigenous culture in the United States has mostly been depicted as being simplistic and barbaric in literature, television, cinema, and other forms of media, with images of people living in teepees, wearing buckskin clothes and feathers, and carrying out what are depicted as thoughtless and violent acts towards white settlers, but it is not a well-known fact it can be argued that over 80 percent of the world’s foods and medicines currently used today are from Indigenous Peoples of the Americas. Indigenous People have lived with and developed their own judicial systems and national laws over countless generations, which incorporate and integrate the laws of nature. They performed surgery, built sophisticated cities, villages or pueblos, with running water and the disposal of human waste. They developed farming techniques still utilized today, and tribes were also well versed in the arts and sciences. Indigenous peoples and their cultures, despite all the current and past atrocities committed towards them, still exist in the Americas today, with some of us living on Reservations (land where tribal people were forced to live), towns, big cities, and some of us may even be your neighbor.

One common thread shared among all Indigenous Peoples of the Americas, is that they are a spiritual and prayerful people, constantly supplicating to the Creator through songs, dance, stories, visions, fasting, and other practices. As a part of all of this, Indigenous Peoples have prophecies that have been passed on through many generations, and many of these prophecies have foretold about this time that the world currently sees itself in: a world and people of separation, destruction, confusion and chaos. A time where humanity is at a turning point, where our choices today will determine the future course of civilization. A time to live in brotherhood and simplicity, establishing harmony with each other and all living things. I wanted to share some of my knowledge of just a few of these Native American prophecies with you below:

We have been told that a time will come when:

  • we will be purified,
  • we will experience chaos and destruction in all the kingdoms of nature,
  • the races will be reunited: barriers of religion and nationality will fall as all the people of the world will realize the need for unity,
  • we will heal the damage done to Mother Earth, the source of all life,
  • we will see the return of one or more Great Teachers who will guide us into the future.

The Hopi People, who make their home on a Reservation in the desert of Northern Arizona, have traveled the world speaking of their many prophecies. One of those prophecies speaks of a religion that may come and bring unity, and if this religion doesn’t bring unity, then another religion will follow and the people of this religion will be known as “the Baha-ni” (Bahana). In the Hopi language “the Baha-ni (Bahana)” is translated to “the people of Baha.” And as we know, “Baha’i” means “the people of Baha”.

The Diné (Navajo) People are located on a reservation that encompasses the four corners (New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and Arizona) of the United States. The Diné prophecy speaks of two specific signs that the people should be looking for. The first sign is the Nine-Pointed Star, that will come from the east and all religions and races will come together under this sign. The second sign is the coming of twin great Chiefs from the east. One of the Chiefs will wear (symbolically) a headdress with twelve feathers. The twelve feathers mean twelve great principles that will be brought to mankind. These principles will be beautifully spoken from, and will lead humanity from a holy mountain. For us Native American Baha’is, we know this mountain to be Mt. Carmel located in Haifa, Israel.

The two most famous leaders of the Lakota (Sioux) People in the late 1800’s were Black Elk and Crazy Horse. The late 1800’s was a period that saw the decimation of many Native American populations, but both these men each had a vision of the future.

Black Elk saw that his people would be plagued by famine and sickness and war. They would lose heart and the sacred hoop of his Nation would be broken. He saw a vision of his own Nation being united after seven generations and becoming part of the greater circle of humanity. He then saw the daybreak star rising in the east and heard a voice that said, “it shall be a relative to them and who shall see it shall see much more, for from there comes Wisdom and those who do not see it shall be dark.” Black Elk thought that this meant that a great Prophet from the East would bring a message to his people.

Crazy Horse’s vision saw the darkness that descended on his people. He saw the coming of automobiles and airplanes and the world wars of the modern era. He then saw his people awakening after the last war and beginning to dance again under the Sacred Tree. Then he saw that dancing beside his people were people of all races who had become brothers. He saw the uniting of all of the peoples of the world.

These are just some examples of North American Native prophecies that were given to us from the Creator as a mandate for us to follow. There are many more Indigenous prophecies that talk about the coming of this time from all over the world. We have been told that the time to heal the past is now, despite the centuries of pain and persecution. Now is the time to join together and work in harmony to rehabilitate the planet and establish peace on earth. Abdu’l-Baha says:

Attach great importance to the indigenous population of America…should they be educated and guided, there can be no doubt that they will become so illumined as to enlighten the whole world…”1

  1. Abdu’l-Baha, Tablets of the Divine Plan []

About the Author

Roman Orona is an Indigenous (Apache, Pueblo and Yaqui) Baha’i from the southwestern United States. He is an educator, dancer, drummer, actor, craftsman, and an award-winning singer with his album titled “Circling Spirits”.

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  1. This was fascinating to read, thank you.
    If the author or any other readers can paste links/sources to some of the teachings and prophecies above, I would be curious to read more.

  2. Allah’u’Abha!
    There was a video of a panel of Elders teaching the prophecies that I have been searching for that was produced in the late 70s/early 80s? It was wonderful! I declared 50 years ago and those busy decades have blessed me beyond measure. I am Masani to 3 Navajo grandchildren on the cusps of spiritual maturity. If anyone could help me find some of these older resources I would dedicate myself to creating a curriculum. Jenny Manybeads (Tso) was Sho-Masani and hanging in her hogan in 1991 was The Greatest Name ! Our first word and the only word Jenny (109 years old ) and I had in common as she spoke Dine’ and I couldn’t was Baha’u’llah!!
    Who taught Jenny Manybeads the Baha’i Faith at Big Mountain ? My inquiries went unanswered and she passed away at 115.Perhaps Abdu’l Bahá ? or His entourage? as He was en route to California ? Now that I have retired my curiosity and intuition tells me there’s much more to the story of our early American Baha’i believers and their teaching efforts during His visit to North America, especially the interactions between the indigenous communities and Abdu’l-Baha’ .
    Warmest Baha’i Regards,
    Julia Letourneau

    1. Allah’u’Abha! Thank you for your comment and story. I have also wondered about the interactions of Abdu’l-Baha and the early native believers as well. The only video I have seen is the one that was produced about the Council Fire that happened in Pine Springs, AZ near the Native American Bahá’í Institute. I will do some research and see what I can find if anything.

  3. How exciting to live in a time when, clearly, the prophecies of the indigenous peoples are beginning to be realized

    1. We live in an amazing time. Humanity as a whole are beginning to recognize that we must allow for healing, becoming aware of injustices and making changes to the system. We must act on making changes for all of humanity to live in unity. Thank you for your comments.

  4. Very good all around presentation. Have you considered the ‘Hidden Meaning’ of the Navaho Blessing Way Ceremony which came into being about the middle of the 18th century.

    1. I have considered it. Since I am not Navajo (Diné), I deliberately didn’t speak in depth on it because others would be able to speak on it with more knowledge. I appreciate you bringing that up and your reference to it.

  5. Thank you for this article, Roman. Our country is indeed blessed by the presence of its native peoples.

    1. Thank you. We have many stories and ways that teach us how to live in unity with everyone and everything. We have waited patiently to reveal those to the world. The time is now to do so. Thank you again for your comment.

  6. Thank you for this illuminating post Roman! And what powerful teaching tools you have, being such a multi-skilled artist!

    1. Thank you. I definitely have to give credit to my grandparents and parents for raising me to be a giver to society. I try my best in all my artistic endeavors to be a unifier, teacher and give an abundance of love to everyone. Thank you again.

  7. This was so moving and beautiful it brought tears to my eyes. What a message of hope after generations of heart break, suffering and injustice. Allah’u’Abha!

    1. Thank you. I’ve heard that “hope” is all we have. I believe that with prayer, guidance and tests, we all come out with more knowledge and abilities. So as much pain and suffering we have encountered as a native population, we will come out shining brighter and with more knowledge than before. We will be ready to take humanity into the great civilization we’ve all been promised. We can’t do it alone, so we will need the help of everyone. Amazing times to be alive and see the reawakening of humanity.

  8. My father, a Baha’i, attended this conference in 1962 as did his close friend Gordon Laite who is mentioned in the Pine Springs video. My father lived among the Navajo for several years and at San Ildefonso Pueblo. Thank you for this discussion, it brought back some wonderful memories.

  9. I am very interrested in different American-Indian People /nations(I travelled in Peru and also have a physiognomy a bit similar to Indians) and am fascinated about propheciess that announce the coming of Bahaullah. It is soooooo nice to read about your skills, crafts, arts, etc. I beleive I would much more Enjoy living in your places(I am singing, blowing didgeredoo-an instrument of aborigines from Australia, writing callygraphy and drawing mandalas).
    Otherwise I come from Slovenija, former republik of Yugoslavija(bordering Italy, Austria, Hungary)
    I am a bahai for 30 years.
    In shallah, peace be With you!
    Mateja ‍♀️️❤️

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