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Baha’i Blog is a volunteer project run by a devoted band of Baha’is from around the Australia and beyond. Learn more about our team below.

Naysan Naraqi

Baha'i Blog Editor and Master Project Manager

Naysan is the editor of Baha'i Blog and he has worked in various avenues of media for two decades. He’s passionate about using the arts and media to support and explore the teachings of the Baha’i Faith and he has produced and collaborated on popular music projects like the "DawnBreaker Collective" and the successful Ruhi-inspired sequence of "MANA" albums. His experience as a producer for CNN was invaluable while working on a number of special projects for the Baha’i World Centre, including the "Building Momentum" and "Pilgrimage: A Sacred Experience" videos. If there’s a media-related Baha’i project out there, chances are that Naysan was involved with it somehow!

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Sonjel Vreeland

Assistant Editor

In her innermost heart, Sonjel is a stay-at-home parent and a bookworm with a maxed out library card but professionally she is a museologist with a background in English Literature. She currently lives on Prince Edward Island, an isle in the shape of a smile on the eastern Canadian coast. Sonjel is a writer who loves to listen to jazz when she's driving at night.

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Jordan Raj

Pretending to know what's going on

Randomly bursting into song is a daily occurrence for Jordan, something which his friends find both hilarious and terrifying, however, for their own survival, they have grown accustomed to acts of randomness. Growing up in both the Czech Republic and Australia, and looking like he’s from neither, Jordan took to creating Youtube videos from a young age, the intention of his content is to make people happy and hopefully spread some positivity juice. He is now studying Media in Melbourne Australia, and singing for his classmates. (he really does not sing that much)

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Collis Ta'eed

Web Designer

Hi I’m Collis! I live in Darwin, in the Northern Territory. I’m a Baha’i, designer, entrepreneur, climate tech angel investor, and engaged in philanthropy to support First Nations young people in Australia. I've been working on Baha'i Blog since its inception in 2011!

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Fuad Ta'eed

Fuad Ta'eed is a Baha'i Blog team member.


Aaron Blomeley

Aaron has retired with his wife to the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, and his work life has been as an Environmental Hydrologist with experience in Australia, Papua New Guinea and Taiwan, working with the environment long before it became fashionable. The desire to motivate change was at the heart of his efforts both at work and in the society around him and this desire has continued to manifest itself in his life of retirement.

Adib Masumian

Adib is a student, Kindle enthusiast, and avid reader of anything with words. In 2009, he put together a brief book entitled 'Debunking the Myths', which deals with conspiracy theories leveled against the Baha'i Faith. He is keen on the latest news from the tech industry and enjoys honing his translation skills (Persian to English) during his free time.

Alan and Lorraine Manifold

Alan and Lorraine Manifold are loving life in Australia. They have a Baha'i choir in Melbourne, 'Perfect Chord', and are actively involved in their local Baha'i community. They're planning their second Australian Baha'i Choral Festival in Sydney, hopefully to become an annual event. But they're also finding that women's issues are quite similar here to those in other Western countries and want to do what they can to improve things. Lorraine has suffered acutely from oppression and objectification growing up in Belgium, Canada and the US. Alan has been deeply involved for many years providing diversity education and training.

Alan Manifold

Ali Helmy

Ali is a Baha'i architect, currently serving in the Holy Land, who is super passionate about art, design, and philosophy. In his spare time, he enjoys architectural sketching, conceptual creature artwork drawing, writing philosophical and theological articles online, and reading as well.

Amelia Ishikawa

Amy Finch

Amy Finch - a stay at home mum from the age of 21 - is passionate about contributing to a culture in which motherhood, especially for those mothers who stay at home, is no longer synonymous with disempowerment and disenfranchisement.


Joburg Lover. Sushi Muncher. Art Appreciator. Legal Practitioner. Blogger. Big Sister. Amateur Etymologist. Foodie. Junior Youth Animator. Fashionista. Sunshine Aficionado. Big Sister. 'Stick' Driver. Baha'i. Well, trying anyways.

Andrea Hope

Andrea Hope is an internationally-recognized performance poet, featured by The American Baha’i (U.S.A.), The Shanghai Tunnels Project (China), and The Catholic Association for Racial Justice (U.K.). In 2012, she published her first spoken word album, Wellsprings. For more information on where you can find her teaching workshops, saying prayers, and hugging trees, check out her website:

Andrew Mancey

Andrew Mancey lives in Guyana (South America). He has a science background and worked in education and development for many years, teaching physics and IT in school and at university. He is now retired. He is married with five children. He has recently published a few short publications on Kindle. A blog can be found at


Anisa Naraqi

Anisa is a Baha'i that lives in Australia and grew up in the Pacific. She works in development and is passionate about people, coffee and seeing new places. She has a half packed suitcase in her closet and a job that let's her travel, which she's immensely grateful for. Blogging is something new to Anisa but she enjoys the opportunity to share views on things that are important to her and welcomes your views in return.


Anis is an Australian General Physician with a particular interest in the role of lifestyle medicine (especially nutrition) for the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases.

Ariana Salvo

Ariana Salvo was born in the United States, and spent sixteen years of her childhood on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. She moved to Prince Edward Island to do her master’s degree in Island Studies, fell in love with the tightly knit community, and has never left. When not writing, she can be found exploring art at galleries around the world, flower farming, traveling to remote islands, hiking and taking photos of the wild natural landscapes of Canada’s eastern shore, teaching English to international students and reading historical fiction with a good cup of tea.


Asiyih Carmela

Born from a mixed marriage (father is Indian Malaysian and mother is a Filipino) and bred in multi-diverse cultures (Malaysian, Filipino and Khmer) and currently living with her family in Siem Reap, Cambodia. She loves to read, write and illustrate with a passion. She is now in her 10th Grade and cannot wait to finish high school and start her university aiming for arts and writing courses. But for the time being, she enjoys her Junior Youth period as she participates in the JYSEP program and serves as co-teacher in a children’s class in her community.


Avrel Seale lives in Austin, Texas, U.S.A., where he writes and speaks frequently on the Baha'i Faith. He's the author of seven books and the blog The Trailhead.


Babak Bahador is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand.

Badi Shams

Badi is a mystic at heart. He holds degrees in economics and has published two books, “Economics of the Future” and recently “Economics of the Future Begins Today“. He is retired from working in the education system and lives on Vancouver Island, Canada. Being a gardener and proud owner of fruit trees, an avid traveller and a lover of the mystical writings, these passions have animated his written work. His next book, “Mystic Economist“, is nearing completion and should be available soon. You can find Badi's work on Baha'i-inspired economics at

Bahman Rahmatian

Bahman is Iranian-born but was raised in Italy. He graduated in Political Science in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada and soon after moved to Romania where he has been living for 29 years now. He has no formal training in any field of the arts, but writing and performing arts have always felt essential in his life. He married visual artist, Simina Rahmatian, and together with her and their two children, Sepideh who is a ballerina and Daryan who is a musician, have made the exploration of various forms of arts in the community-building enterprise of the Baha'i Faith a central part of our lives. Bahman has written several plays which all stem from the study of different aspects of the Baha'i Faith, such as "Flight to a New World" (2016), "Lightning of the Covenant" (2016), "Free Fall", (2019), and "Exile to Paradise" (2020). Bahman served for 10 years as a member of the Auxiliary Board and he is currently a member of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of Romania.

Barney Leith

Ben Perkins

Ben is a young Baha'i with an interest in history.

Bonnie Smith

Bre Vader

Bre met her husband Dave on his year of service and they’ve settled outside of Boston while their children grow. A family forged from three continents, they are itchy for travel and hungry for meaningful experiences. Bre is a Marketing Director at a Montessori school, freelance graphic designer and has a Masters in Nonprofit Organizational Leadership that she hopes to put to good use in the not-so-distant future.

Brian D. Lepard

Brian is a professor of law at the University of Nebraska College of Law, where he teaches courses on international human rights law, comparative law, and international tax law, among other subjects. He worked for three years as a human rights specialist at the United Nations Office of the Bahá’í International Community. Brian has written numerous books and articles on international law, comparative law, human rights, world religions, ethics, and tax law. Brian’s books include “Hope for a Global Ethic: Shared Principles in Religious Scriptures,” published by Bahá’í Publishing in 2005. Additional information about Brian can be found at

Brittany Betts

Brittany is CEO of The International Educator and has a background in educational content and publishing. A fourth-generation Baha'i, she grew up in Portugal where she settled and started her family of three boys. She now resides in the Bay Area, California, USA.

Chelsea Lee Smith & Susanne Alexander

Chelsea Lee Smith is an author, certified parent educator, and serves as faculty and coordinator of the parenting and family courses at the Wilmette Institute ( She lives in Australia with her husband and three children, and shares resources at and Susanne M. Alexander is a Relationship and Marriage Educator, author, and coach with Marriage Transformation®,;; She is the Department Chair and also a faculty member for the Wilmette Institute relationships, marriage, parenting, and family online courses ( Susanne has been single, dating, engaged, married, divorced, and widowed. She is a child, stepchild, parent, stepparent, and grandparent. All of this has given Susanne a diversity of experience to share! She is originally from Canada and is married to a wonderful man in Tennessee, in the United States.

Chelsea Lee Smith

Chelsea Lee Smith is an author, certified parent educator, and serves as faculty and coordinator of the parenting and family courses at the Wilmette Institute ( She lives in Australia with her husband and three children, and shares resources at and

Chetan Phadke

Chetan is a Scientist in the West Park Healthcare Centre and an Assistant Professor in University of Toronto and York University. His research focuses on assessing functional deficits and treatment of problems associated with neurological disorders such as stroke and spinal cord injury. Chetan draws his inspiration from the Baha'i teachings, his wife Sunita, and the experience of applying spiritual principles to life.


Cyndy Pratt

Cyndy has been a newspaper chief reporter, a senior graphic designer, a magazine editor, and has worked in social media and marketing. She's a senior multi-media generalist and a member of the Napier Baha'i community in Aotearoa – New Zealand.

Daniel Williams

Daniel Williams is currently studying civil engineering in the university of Glasgow, Scotland. He was born in Australia, but graduated high school from Townshend International School in the Czech Republic. His passions include working out, rocking out and geeking out.

Dani Williams

Deborah Walters

Deborah Walters is a holistic healthcare practitioner and she runs a private practice specializing in spiritual, mental and physical healing. She is the author of 'The Supreme Remedy: Reflections on Applying Natural Healing Arts to the Baha'i Fast'. For more information, please visit

Delaram Erfanian

Delaram is an environmental scientist with a love for chocolate, her nieces and nephews, and above all, laughter. Her parents and two older siblings pioneered from Iran to Ecuador, where she was born and raised. She has since been blessed to live in four different continents and now lives with her husband in Toronto, Canada. Delaram holds a Bachelors degree in Geography and Environmental Studies and a Masters degree in Environmental Science. Her work and research is focused in developing greater understanding of complex environmental issues.

Della L. Marcus

Della is of American descent, raised in Luxembourg, for many years a resident in the Holy Land, for a quarter of a decade a member of Romania's rapidly emerging Baha'í community, and currently living in Scottsdale, Arizona. She is the author of Her Eternal Crown: Queen Marie and the Baha'i Faith, and an avid photographer.


Dellaram is a Baha'i, wife, and mother of three, who works as a freelance journalist and copywriter in her hometown of Ballarat, Australia. She is passionate about building community and loves the thrill that comes with op-shopping!

Derek Bland

Derek and his wife, Linda, live and work in Brisbane, Australia. Both joined the Baha'i Faith over 40 years ago and are very pleased that their children have made that decision too. Derek has been involved in education at various levels, teaching art and, more recently, teaching and advocating inclusive education at tertiary level. Derek is now entering an exciting new phase of life centred on painting, writing, and applying a whole lot of imagination.

Eduardo Rioseco

Eduardo is a musician and lives in Santiago, Chile, with his wife and son.

Eliot Farmer

Eliot lives in Bath, UK, where he has recently finished a degree in psychology. Having learnt a variety of musical instruments growing up, he now has several years of experience in music teaching, sound editing, and production. He spends his free time running, cycling and animating; both with computer graphics and Junior Youth.

Emad Talisman

Emad Talisman is a government analyst working on issues pertaining to the rights of prisoners and prison reform. He holds a Master’s degree in Experimental Forensic Psychology from Carleton University.

Erfan Daliri

Erfan Daliri is a social change trainer, speaker and consultant with a background in community development and a Masters in Communication for Social Change. He is the director of Newkind Social Justice Conference, a campaign advisor to Amnesty International Australia, and he works with NGOs, individuals and activism groups in Australia, to support their change-making efforts. His latest book, Raising Humanity, outlines pathways to socio-economic and environmental justice that address the underlying issues.

Erin Mauger

Erin is an American living Down Under. Her interests include reading on public transportation, volunteering, and sketching.

Esther Maloney

Esther loves stories. Over the last decade, she has worked in both theatre and film as an actor, director, writer and producer. She currently serves as coordinator of Illumine Media Project, a grassroots youth media initiative closely linked with community building activities in Toronto, Canada. Esther is pursuing her MEd at the University of Toronto. She lives in a very tall building that faces the sunset with her tea-loving husband and wide-eyed baby boy.

Falen D'Cruz


Folashade Josiah

Folashade Josiah is a Baha'i who loves Baha'u'llah so much that her dream in life is to see the progress of the Baha'i Faith in Nigeria and Africa and the whole world -- sometimes she prays to Baha'u'llah to make it fast. She loves her family and people, she loves traveling and loves flowers so much that when she travelled to the World Center in Israel, what really amazed her was to see the flowers in their purest form. She loves reading and cooking, but most of all she loves telling people about Baha'u'llah - most of the time her eyes will always light up as if she is in paradise already. Folashade has long served as a Baha'i children's class teacher. She loves spending time and playing with children because they are innocent and don't cause any problems in the world.

Kamyar Samandari

Kamyar Samandari is an award-winning journalist, voice talent, and web marketer. He also makes a tasty chili.

Gisu Mohadjer

Gisu lives in Potomac, Maryland. She loves Baha'i stories, and is happy to be able to share these stories on Baha'i Blog. Her son Johnathan Cook also writes for Baha'i Blog.

Glynis Mackenzie

Glynis is passionate about authenticity in all aspects of life because this allows us to have inner and outer harmony and integrity in everything we do. She works as an Image Consultant (but with a difference!), Integrative Life Coach and Speaker with the intention of awakening, inspiring and supporting women and men to make the most of themselves, inside and out. She is the author of Reclaiming Beauty – Look like your True Self. [email protected]

Graham Hassall

In his professional life Graham has specialised in the study of government and public policy in the Pacific Islands and has additional interests in global studies. He has taught at universities in Australia, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, and New Zealand, and now resides on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. Graham has published on Baha'i history and biography in the Journal of Religious History, the Journal of Baha'i Studies, Baha'i Studies Review, numerous Baha'i Studies conference proceedings, The Baha'i World, the Baha'i Encyclopedia, and elsewhere.

Greg Hodges

Greg Hodges and his wife Mae live in Alfred, Maine, USA and work in organic agriculture. He has been a Baha'i for nine years and an enthusiast for philosophy and social theory for ten.

Greg S


Hami enjoys reading books about science, business and psychology, and finding their correlations with the teachings of the Baha'i Faith. He is fascinated by Baha'u'llah's teaching that science and religion go hand-in-hand, and that faith must accord with reason. He and his wife currently reside in Spain.

Haylee Navidi

Haylee currently lives in Rarotonga, Cook Islands with her husband. Alongside snorkelling, enjoying nature and studying nursing, she loves to teach children and accompany junior youth through the educational process that Baha'is are learning to foster across the globe. She also loves to talk and share ideas with others about how this world can become a much better place - and that is why Baha'i Blog is so great!

Hussein Ahdieh

Dr. Hussein Ahdieh was born and raised in Nayriz, Iran, He is a sixth generation Baha'i. Hussein immigrated to the United States as a young man of 19. Like many immigrants seeking a better life in America, he worked and attended college in the New York area. Hussein eventually completed a Masters Degree in European Intellectual History and a Doctorate in Education from the University of Massachusetts.

Iko Congo

Born and raised in the Azores (small Portuguese islands in the Atlantic), Iko had the opportunity to serve at the Baha'i World Centre for 20 months and is now studying Business Management in the UK, where he is also learning about the dynamics of community building. He cannot say 'no' to challenges and new opportunities. He is a staunch supporter of Sport Lisboa e Benfica's football team and a sunny beach is his only acceptable standard for a vacation.

Irina Kenig

Irina is a Baha’i who enjoys studying the history of the Baha’i Faith. She is a photographer, an artist, and an aspiring writer. In her free time she enjoys cooking, and spending time with her family. She loves staying in touch with nature by growing fruit trees, flowers and herbs on her small patio. Irina is a book collector, reader and a frequent museum visitor, a world traveller and a cultural explorer. She currently resides in California with her husband and her daughter.

Jacqueline Claire

Jacqueline Claire is all about making the world a kinder, more beautiful place and discovering every day what it means to be a Baha'i. She is an artist and blogger currently illustrating a Baha'i children's project. To see and read more visit

James Howden

James Howden is an educator, writer and coach who lives in Ottawa, Canada with his wife and the youngest of his four sons. He has been searching for the Baha’i way since his teens. You can read more on his blog:

Janna Denton-Howes

Janna is a Marriage Coach whose passion is to help Baha’i couples create awesome relationships. She is determined to talk about the real issues in marriage so others don’t feel abnormal or alone in their struggle. Marriage is tough- we ALL need education and support to strengthen our “fortress for well-being”! Visit her website to learn more:


Jelle and Adib de Vries

Jelle and Adib de Vries are a father-son duo who have launched a Dutch website about the history of the Baha’i community in the Netherlands. In 2019 they created a special English webpage on ‘The Journey of Abdu’l-Baha’s Tablet of Peace to The Hague’, which can be found here: On that occasion they were interviewed by Baha’i Blog, see here: Visit the authors' website:

Jessica Lea

An artist and aspiring teacher from Sydney, Australia. I am a dreamer and a believer and I spend way too much time with my head in a book.



John S. Hatcher

John S. Hatcher is Professor Emeritus in English Literature, a widely known author and speaker, and editor of the Wilfrid Laurier University Press Baha’i Series and the Journal of Baha’i Studies. His most recently published book is 'In the Beginning Was a Word: How Language Knits Reality Together'.

John Treiber

John is a historian currently living in Europe. He finds the world to be quite fascinating, and enjoys observing and analyzing differences in culture including colour usage, graphic design, architectural styles, and modes of problem solving.

Johnathan Cook

Currently pursuing his undergraduate degree in the social sciences, Johnathan is passionate about exploring education, inequality, and religion through his studies, work, and service to the community. He loves working with youth and engaging in service projects in his local community of Boston, MA.

June Perkins

Dr June Perkins is a Brisbane-based author, of Indigenous Papua New Guinean and Australian background, raised in Tasmania by Baha’i parents. She advocates the powers of poetry and encourages unity in diversity in the Australian, Baha'i and Pasifika literary landscapes. She has a global citizenship outlook and concern for social justice issues.

Justin Johnson

Justin Johnson is a Baha'i, actor, director, trainer, vegan, amateur videographer, world traveler and world citizen living in the Rocky Mountains.

Justin Watts

Justin lives in Melbourne, Australia where he belies his country origins by embracing the hipster lifestyle. You might see him and his tight jeans riding a fixie in search of café latte. Justin works for a software company and is passionate about technology bringing people closer together.



Kamelia is a Baha'i and a mother of three (plus an angel). She studied Law, Accounting and Children's Services, but spends most of her days now trying to navigate her way through motherhood. She is particularly interested in early childhood education and Baha'i scholarship.


Kate is a psychologist and couples therapist, specialized in the field of marriage preparation. Her personal experiences in this field are 14 years of marriage and three children. She has studied marriages and their dynamics for many years, both from a Baha'i perspective and from a scientific point of view and is fascinated by this most unique human relationship and its potential to transform people, families and society.


Katrin Modabber

Kim Naqvi

Kim Naqvi is a human geographer, who specialises in teaching and researching the nature of social and economic development and cultural change. She has a special interest in the meaning of place in identity and culture, and in the relationship between social justice and work. She teaches and researches at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada.

Lauren Croteau

Layli Miron

Layli invites you to read more of her essays on She lives with her husband, Sergey, in Alabama, where she works at Auburn University. In moments when she’s not writing, she most enjoys taking strolls with Sergey, during which they admire the region's natural beauty, from its year-round verdure to its abundant bugs.

Leila G.T.


Lindsey Engh

Lindsey is an entrepreneur, bicyclist, and avid tea drinker. She splits her time between winters in Seattle, Washington and summers in Escalante, Utah. She is a big believer in the power of formulating the right question to guide her next steps.

Lobna Rouhani

Lobna Rouhani is based in Melbourne, Australia. She is a social researcher who also enjoys a spot of creative writing and a cup of coffee.

Lorraine Manifold

Lorraine has a Master’s Degree in Vocal Pedagogy from Northeastern Illinois University and an Honours Degree in Music from the University of Ottawa. She has led a varied career across three continents, working in Canada, the United States, and Belgium before moving to Australia in 2012. Lorraine is a professional choral conductor and has also performed as a choral singer in leading choirs around the world, including a choral concert in Carnegie Hall. She is a passionate advocate for sacred choral music as well as music education and firmly believes that we can all develop our inner musicianship to our heart’s content.

Luke Evans

An entrepreneur by day, Writer, and Vlogger by night. If Luke could have a superhuman power, it would be the power to change the structure of the human mind. Instead, as he can’t quite figure out how to be a superhero just yet, he uses his own human talents, in line with the power of the Bahai Faith, to help shape those around him and assist them to find their highest selves. Passionate about the power of development, Luke loves meaningful conversations and finding new ways to understand the world we live in.

Lynette Thomas

Mae Badiyan

Mae is a lawyer and entrepreneur living in the U.S. She's inspired by the community-building process, world travel and beautifully organized spaces. Her interests include working with children, developing new business models, and social media. Mae can be found all over the Internet @maebad.

Margaret Appa

Margaret Appa's passions are her Faith, arts and education and she is a grandmother with too many goals yet to achieve!!! She has been involved in arts education for almost fifty years, seventeen of those as part of the team developing the Baha’i Academy for the Arts in the UK. This annual event demonstrated the power of the arts to transform, but also raised questions, for Margaret, about our understanding of the relationship between the arts and sciences.

Maria Jimena Vargas

Maria Jimena is an explorer of the world. She has lived in Mexico and India and currently resides in Sunrise, South Florida where she met a Baha’i community. She described it as the best kept secret of the world. She loves writing poetry and interacting with different cultures and is passionate about nature and outdoor activities, especially running, hiking and kayaking. Her enthusiasm to be a global citizen permits her to be always ready to embark on the next adventure.

Mariette Leong

I am the fourth daughter of the Featherstone family and grew up in Adelaide, South Australia. My wonderful husband Ho-San and I met in Malaysia in 1968, married and pioneered to Papua New Guinea in 1974. We have four children and one adopted Papua New Guinean. We currently live with our eldest daughter and family in Wollongong, outside of Sydney, Australia.

Matt Giani & Halim Beere

Matt Giani is a professor of educational policy at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. His research focuses on inequality and social mobility in higher education. Matt draws his inspiration from his exuberant daughter Clara, his incredible wife Shadi, and the Baha'i teachings. Halim Beere helped form the startup Illiac Software, where he is Chief Technical Officer and programmer for the music software Harmonia. He is also a composer, earning his doctorate from the University of Illinois and drawing musical inspiration from the Baha'i Writings, his beautiful family, and computer code. He still lives in the Urbana-Champaign area with his wife Renee, daughter Roya, son Darius, two cats, and one dog.

Matt Giani

Matt Giani is a research scientist at the University of Texas at Austin. His research focuses on stratification and social mobility in education, with an emphasis on helping underprivileged students make successful transitions to college after high school. Matt draws his inspiration from his exuberant daughter Clara, his incredible wife Shadi, and the Baha'i teachings.

Matthew Brand

Matthew Brand is a Baha'i Blog contributor.

Melanie King Dollie

Melanie is a Californian Baha’i and creative at heart with a background in printmaking and cultural anthropology. She has lived in Latin America, Israel, and Southern China, and is currently living in Sydney, Australia, where she stays productive by working on painting, illustration, and web design projects.

Melanie Lotfali

Melanie D

Michael Day

Michael Day is the author of "Journey to a Mountain", "Coronation on Carmel" and "Sacred Stairway", a trilogy that tells the story of the Shrine of the Bab, as well as a photo book “Queen of Carmel" on the same topic. He also authored the 2021 publication "Fragrance of Glory: An account of the Ascension of Abdu’l-Baha". He was a journalist for daily newspapers in Australia and New Zealand. Then, from 2003-2006, he was the editor of the Baha’i World News Service at the Baha’i World Centre. Now based in Benowa, Gold Coast, Australia, he is researching and writing on aspects of Baha’i history.

Michael Welton

One of Michael's lifelong passions has been the study of spirituality and social transformation. He loves the Baha'i Faith as a compelling way of thinking and acting in the world. He and his wife Carmen serve in BC's Lower Mainland Baha'i community.

Mojgan Sami

Mojgan (Mo) Sami, PhD, is an Assistant Professor of Health Equity in the Department of Public Health at California State University Fullerton. She also serves as the Vice President of the Board of Directors for California Walks, a mobility justice advocacy organization. Her research on the structural determinants of health includes projects on active transportation, park access, food sovereignty and environmental justice. Dr. Sami has advisory roles with the World Health Organization and the American Heart Association.

Mona V

Monty Engs



Muji is a 5th year medical student studying at the University of Melbourne. He enjoys gaming and sports.

Munevver Ta'eed

Munevver Ta'eed is a Baha'i who lives down-under with her three children and husband. They homeschool and as a family they do everything they can to reduce their environmental footprint as much as possible.

Nadia Kardan

Nadia Kardan is a writer, schoolteacher, and active feminist. In addition to teaching full time, and finalizing her first novel, Nadia hosts weekly devotionals entitled “Feminism and Spirituality” designed to deepen attendees on the the spiritual solutions to gender equality and on the laws of the Baha’i Faith. She lives in New York City with her cat Emma.

Nahal Haghbin

Nahal is a Integrative Yoga Therapist (in training) who provides online yoga and meditation classes. Her educational background is in the control of tropical infectious diseases and has worked in global pandemic outbreaks such as H7N9, MERS-CoV and Ebola.

Nasser Kaviani

Nasser Kaviani is a lover of water and swims almost every day. He also enjoys biking, table tennis, soccer, and nature walks. When not in the swimming pool or ocean swimming, he is a senior Information, Communication and Technology Consultant with over 25 years experience with academic, private sector and UN agencies across the Pacific. He loves gardening, beekeeping, reading and going to the movies. He is also a keen cook and world traveler, together with his wife, Nayer. Since the age of 15 years, Nasser has served on Baha'i institutions at local and national levels, and pioneered to New Zealand in 1978 and Papua New Guinea in 2000. He has been a member of Rotary for over 16 years. Nasser now resides on the Gold Coast (Australia) with his wife. He has two adult children and two beautiful and adorable grandchildren.

Natalie Peach

Nava Abedian

Born and raised in Samoa to a Persian father and Australian / Canadian mother, Nava has a sincere desire to work within culturally diverse settings, while considering herself a world citizen. Nava completed her Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology before going on to complete a Masters in International Public Health and had the opportunity to work for the UN in Vietnam before meeting the love of her life and becoming a mother to three beautiful boys. She has chosen to focus on staying home and being fully present while her boys are still young and continues to be of service to her community as best she can. “Do not be content with showing friendship in words alone, let your heart burn with loving kindness for all who may cross your path.” ― Baha'u'llah


Nava is the CEO of Ninth Mode Media, a production company dedicated to developing original content for film and television that grapples with themes of social significance through a hopeful lens. She’s based in Los Angeles.

Neeka Najmi

Optometrist by day, and busy Baha'i by night, Neeka is passionate about serving the community anyway she can. Her ability to get things done and her meticulous attention to detail is something the Baha'i Blog team is super grateful for!

Neysan Mehrabkhani

Neysan has a mission to help bring ingenious design to the Baha'i community. In his free time, he studies urban planning in the German capital.

Neysan S

Nima Ferdowsi

Noemi Robiati


Pegah Seisan

Pegah is studying education in Victoria, Canada and enjoys working with junior youth and youth in the community and learning from them.

Peter Gyulay

Peter Gyulay is passionate about sustainable living and the deeper aspects of life. He has a BA (Hons) in philosophy along with an M.Ed. and works in the fields of education and philosophical consultancy/counseling. For more information visit Peter is the author of Walking the Mystical Path with Practical Feet: The Bahai Approach to Spiritual Transformation and other books and articles. For more about his written work visit

Peter Rose

Pharan Akhtarkhavari

Pharan is in his late 20s. He loves embracing the beauty of life. He does this by praying, thinking, cycling, reading, writing, hiking, diving, conversing, and dancing and of course teaching. He eats yummy food whenever possible. He loves to travel and embrace the beauty and diversity of the world.


In her professional life, Preethi has dabbled in various combinations of education, community development and law. At heart, though, she's an overgrown child who thinks the world is one giant playground. She's currently on a quest to make learning come alive for young people and to bring the world's stories and cultures to them, with educational resources from One Story Learning.

Priya Suyin

Priya Suyin is a Chindian (Chinese-Indian) mother, junior youth animator, lawyer, as well as a strong believer in the power of education to transform the world. Her every day routines include a good cup of coffee, bear-hugs from her kids and lots of music. Priya enjoys noticing the blossoming capacities of people around her and hopes to find ways to contribute to the betterment of the world.

Rachel L.

I'm a fan of cruising the internet to see what people are staying on top of. I work in entertainment and am a lover of the arts. I like to think about how the teachings of the Baha'i Faith apply to the culture of the modern day.

Reed Curry

Reed spends his days in a small town in New Hampshire developing patented ultraviolet signature management systems based on ceramic oxide nanoparticles. Quite a mouthful. Dry as it sounds, Reed finds the research enthralling.

Ritika Ghose

Ritika is a Baha'i who is studying medicine and loves participating in community building activities. She is currently living in the endearing city of Zagreb. She loves to discover how social reality is shaped by the prevalent spiritual attitudes and thoughts and hopes to describe these connections with more and more clarity.

Rob Weinberg

Rob Weinberg is a writer with a passion for British Baha’i history. He has written biographies of Lady Blomfield and Ethel Jenner Rosenberg

Robert Atkinson

Robert Atkinson, Ph.D., is an internationally known author of eight books, a professor of human development and religious studies, and director of Life Story Commons, at the University of Southern Maine. This blog post is adapted from his most recent book, Mystic Journey: Getting to the Heart of Your Soul’s Story (Cosimo, 2012). To learn more about the book and how to order it, go to his website


Rohan K likes overcast days and writing. He is a New Zealander and currently lives in Dubai. He also likes to read, sing, and play his guitar. His favorite color is bottle green.

Roman Orona

Roman Orona is an Indigenous (Apache, Pueblo and Yaqui) Baha’i from the southwestern United States. He is an educator, dancer, drummer, actor, craftsman, and an award-winning singer with his album titled “Circling Spirits”.


My father was a clergyman during the formative years of my life. Came across the Baha'i Faith and declared as a follower of Baha'u'llah when I was 20 years old in 1971 (no counting allowed, hear?). Over the intervening years, have done all the "normal" Baha'i things - served on various Local Assemblies, the odd committee, travelled, enjoyed the Fireside thing (still do), became a tutor for the Ruhi Program, and for a time served as Cluster Statistics Officer. Now retired (due to health, not age), leaving me plenty of time to develop my personal teaching goals and begin to work toward them. Married to the most beautiful person on this planet (though others may have a different viewpoint (grinning)), and a wonderful daughter between us. Live on some acreage, enjoy the company of the wildlife (many of whom seem to have adopted us).


When she isn't pretending to be Dr. Karl Kennedy (her hero) she enjoys chasing after the sun, cooking, eating and telling everyone she’s going to start being healthy by playing tennis. Roya loves to know what’s going on in all parts of the globe (to aid in her hobby of chasing the sun), so she's really excited to manage Baha'i Blog's Events Calendar.



Salar Akhavan

Salar Akhavan holds a degree in journalism from the University of North Texas. He enjoys reading up on current events, taking walks during cool temperatures, & the occasional chess game.

Sam Karvonen

Sam Karvonen is a ridiculously fortunate husband and a thoroughly entertained father. He is specialized in conflict-affected countries and inspired by the everyday heroism of their lay citizens. Oh, and a Baha'i of course.

Sandy Williams

Sandy is the pen-name of a Baha'i who likes to dabble in science, religion and philosophy.

Sara Mazloum Ferdowsi

Sarah-Maria Schuster

Sarah-Maria is a passionate midwife currently working part-time in a maternity ward. Other than her work, she is doing her Masters Degree in Midwifery and Research. She is married and lives in Zurich. She also works on her new maternity blog which serves all families around the globe (


Shadi Toloui-Wallace

Shadi is widely recognized for her musical contributions to the Baha’i community and involvement in arts based initiatives and discourse relating to the Community Building Process. Shadi now resides in Vancouver, BC, where she continues to work, serve, travel, perform and record her music (for more info, visit


Shahed is a physician specializing in radiation oncology from the United States currently residing in Switzerland. His interests are the interplay between spirituality and health, Baha'i history, traveling, and sports.

Shamim Bina

Sharon Karvonen

Sharon Karvonen is a mother, a wife and an aspiring warrior. She is inspired by kindness. And nobility found in unexpected places. After being away for twenty years living in Finland and Afghanistan, she is back in Penang, Malaysia, the island where she was born.


Shastri currently lives in the United States, he previously lived in Israel, Australia and Singapore. He is passionate about increasing public awareness of the Baha'i Faith through the media and writes columns about the Faith for the Huffington Post.


Soheila Mikkonen

Soheila Mikkonen is a Creative Producer and Content Creator based in Finland. She is focused on working towards a sustainable future through format development and multiplatform storytelling. Soheila channels her next-level curiosity into creating content that inspires and impacts.

Emad & Sonjel

Emad Talisman is a senior policy analyst for the Crime Prevention, Corrections, and Criminal Justice Directorate at Public Safety Canada. He holds a Master’s degree in Experimental Forensic Psychology from Carleton University. He spends his free time cooking, gardening, doing photography, and diverting his two children away from criminal trajectories. In her innermost heart, Sonjel is a mother, a wife and a bookworm but professionally she is a museologist and a library technician. She currently lives on Prince Edward Island, an isle in the shape of a smile on the eastern Canadian coast. Sonjel is a writer who loves to listen to jazz when she's driving at night.

Steph G

After obtaining her doctorate in astrophysics in England, Steph moved with her husband to Munich where she spends her days working in data science. In her spare time, she is a bit of a bookworm, enjoys being creative (e.g. through art or music), loves being outside in the beautiful nature of Southern Germany, practises yoga, and strives to create within her neighbourhood a community that feels like home. She is inspired by the Baha'i Writings, as well as those of other religions in the one eternal faith of God. The thing she feels most grateful for in the Faith she discovered about a decade ago is the sense of hope which it gives in a world seemingly broken by disunity. Believing that Baha'u'llah's vision of a peaceful and unified world is not only possible, but inevitable, is what spurs her on to try and contribute her part.

Stephanie Range

Steven Maaelopa

Susan Engle

Susan Engle fell in love with biography as a child, reading through her small library's collection of orange-covered books called "Childhood of Famous Americans." Loving music and theater from an early age, she acted and sang her way through high school and college, earning a BFA in theater arts. After her twins were born, writing for children became an interest, and eventually, she became an associate editor at "Brilliant Star" magazine. After retirement, she circled back to the love of biography and currently has worked on three biographies for Bellwood Press, stories of Baha'is who have made a positive impact on culture.

Susan Gammage

Susan Gammage, MES, Certified Life Coach, author, educator and researcher, maintains an active Baha'i-inspired life coaching practice, which focuses on applying Baha'i principles to day-to-day situations. She is the author of "Violence and Abuse: Reasons and Remedies", a compilation of quotes from the Baha'i Writings and is currently working on several other books including a Baha'i Perspective on "Overcoming Anxiety and Depression"; "The Courage to be Chaste in a Sexual World"; the "Baha'i Marriage Manual" and "The Spiritual Roots of Disease". Visit her Bookstore; get your Free E-Books ; sign up for her Newsletter; and follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

Susanne Alexander

Susanne M. Alexander is a Relationship and Marriage Educator, author, and coach with Marriage Transformation®(;; She is a faculty member for the Wilmette Institute Relationships, Marriage, and Family Department online courses ( Susanne has been single, dating, engaged, married, divorced, and widowed. She is a child, stepchild, parent, stepparent, and grandparent. All of this has given Susanne a diversity of experience to share! She is originally from Canada and is married to a wonderful man in Tennessee, in the United States.

Tahirih Khademi

Tahirih is a Chicago-raised Baha’i living in Visalia, California. She’s interested in the relationship between incarceration and a lack of universal education. With immense help from incredible students/volunteers, Tahirih directs a non-profit called Writing Works, which promotes access to education in at-risk communities. You can find her reading at local coffee shops, watching films from the 1950s, or spending time with any animal she can find.

Talieh Monajjem

A public interest lawyer by training, Talieh has concentrated on women's rights and socio-economic development. She worked with immigrant communities in the US in the area of child health and while still in law school advocated for women's reproductive health rights under international law before the UN Human Rights Committee in Geneva. For the past five years, Talieh has worked full-time as a mother, and teaches classes for the spiritual education of young children in her community. She lives in the Washington DC area.

Tanisha Raj

Tara Jabbari

Tara Semple

Tara Semple is a cultural sociologist living in Zurich. Her friends describe her as a self-affirming vegan meta hipster, which she denies. When she isn’t working on her PhD thesis on hipsterism, she is busy matchmaking her unassuming friends. She is passionate about spiritual education, yoga, eating lunch at Google and complaining about the new spirit of capitalism.

Theresa Kipp-O'Toole

Theresa is a mom, eternal optimist, aspiring artist and avid Montessorian.

Todd Steinberg

Todd Steinberg and his family live in Dallas, United States. He owns a small toy business, writes children's books and is always looking for ways to be creative and to serve others.

Toufan Rahimpour

Toufan is an aerospace engineer and an entrepreneur who lives in Los Angeles, California. He's passionate about serving the community in tangible ways, and he's the guy in charge of all the cool Baha'i Blog apparel we've been selling in the Baha'i Blog Shop!


Yas is happiest when the sun is shining. After country-hopping across the globe for the last ten years, she lives (for now) in the most beautiful (and windiest) city in the world. She loves the power of the creative word and teaches literature and creative writing to teenagers. She also loves strawberries.

Yvonne Perkins

Yvonne is a professional writer and researcher from Australia who specialises in history, digital humanities and technical writing. She has been blogging about history at Stumbling Through the Past since 2010 ( Yvonne was a Public Information Officer for the Australian Baha'i Community between 2003 and 2007.


Zayda is a Baha'i living and serving in Australia's capital, Canberra.

Ziba Pezeshkzad

Zoran Theena