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4 Ways You Can Help Support Baha’i Blog

April 7, 2021, in Articles > Baha'i Blog, by

We just celebrated Baha’i Blog’s 10th birthday, and it’s been an amazing decade of creating Baha’i-inspired content! Everything that we’ve been able to produce and share online has been thanks to the hard work of the Baha’i Blog team and the help of volunteers and financial contributors.

Creating a variety of content and ensuring that it is of a high standard is no easy task, and this requires resources and material means: videos, audio recordings, interviews and articles all require time, talent, and/or money. As an individual initiative, we are so incredibly grateful to everyone who contributes to Baha’i Blog – be it by subscribing to our YouTube channel or sharing one of our posts on Facebook, hosting or feeding musicians when they’re recording a Studio Session or singing those very songs, writing articles, sending us an email when a typo or error is spotted, or making financial contributions from the heart. We couldn’t do what we do without your help, and we strive to make the most of every contribution received.

We could ALWAYS use more assistance to keep Baha’i Blog going, and to continue exploring other potential projects too! We often get asked how Baha’i Blog can be supported so we thought, in honor of our 10th year online, we’d share four ways you can help:

1. Make a Donation

Running a website with articles, videos, music and all of the things we’re doing costs money, and as a not-for-profit initiative, Baha’i Blog is made possible thanks to the financial contributions of individuals. So if you like what you see and would like to help us continue doing what we’re doing by making a financial donation, you can do so by donating here.

2. Subscribe to Baha’i Blog

A simple little thing like this goes a long way! Like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, sign up to our email list and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Share the page or an article or video you like with your friends, and please help us spread the word by letting others know about all the things we’re doing. Every little thing counts, and it can help make a difference.

3. Write for Us

We’re always looking for potential writers and articles for Baha’i Blog, so if you’re interested in trying your hand at writing an article, check out our Write For Us page and our Editorial Values page. Once you’ve done that, feel free to send over a few article ideas listing the potential title of the article plus a few lines about what they’ll cover to: [email protected]

4. Stay in Touch

We really love hearing from people who use Baha’i Blog, and it would mean a lot to us to hear from you. Tell us how it’s impacted you and/or your community, and we’d also love to hear any ideas or feedback you may have, so send us an email: [email protected]

From all of us here at Baha’i Blog, we’d like to say THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for your continued support and encouragement over these last 10 years, and hopefully, we can continue for many more!

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Naysan Naraqi

Naysan is passionate about using the arts and media to explore the teachings of the Baha’i Faith. Back in 2011, Naysan started up the Baha’i Blog project, channeling his experiences in both media and technology companies to help create a hub for Baha’i-inspired content online.
Naysan Naraqi

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Hello – and thanks for the Blog! I love getting new posts sitting alone here in the forest of Norway, far from other baha’is. I wanted to donate, but i once got virus in Pay Pal and cannot use it anymore. Tried to donate by VISA card, but Pay Pal wants me to create an account. Do pu have an bank account i can transfer to? Love, Bjørg

Bjørg Trønnes

Bjørg Trønnes (April 4, 2021 at 5:47 AM)

Hi Bjorg! Thank you so much for your kind message and offer of support!
Regarding payment methods for donations, there is a button that gives you the option of making a payment via credit or debit card, so you don’t have to have a PayPal account. Here’s the link again:
Thanks again for your support!

Naysan Naraqi

Naysan Naraqi (April 4, 2021 at 10:20 PM)

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