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Folashade Josiah is a Baha'i who loves Baha'u'llah so much that her dream in life is to see the progress of the Baha'i Faith in Nigeria and Africa and the whole world -- sometimes she prays to Baha'u'llah to make it fast. She loves her family and people, she loves traveling and loves flowers so much that when she travelled to the World Center in Israel, what really amazed her was to see the flowers in their purest form. She loves reading and cooking, but most of all she loves telling people about Baha'u'llah - most of the time her eyes will always light up as if she is in paradise already. Folashade has long served as a Baha'i children's class teacher. She loves spending time and playing with children because they are innocent and don't cause any problems in the world.

A Baha’i Love Story from a Nigerian Princess

Folashade Josiah

My name is Folashade Josiah (née Sule Odu). I am a princess from the Fidipote Ruling House of Ijebu Ode, Nigeria. I was born into a Muslim family and went to a Muslim school where I learnt about Islam and how to recite the Holy Quran in Arabic.

At the age of 27 years I met Alfred Josiah who was from a Christian family. We met in northern Nigeria in a city called Katsina. He was with some of his friends talking in the street, when he saw me passing, followed me and began talking to me. Despite our religious differences, we got to know each other, became friends and fell in love.

I discussed this with my family, as well as our wish to marry. However, my father’s older brother, my uncle, who was head of the family at that time, was clear that this should not happen. He said that love alone was not enough to unite people, but that our religion should also be the same. Continue reading