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Haylee Navidi

Haylee currently lives in Rarotonga, Cook Islands with her husband. Alongside snorkelling, enjoying nature and studying nursing, she loves to teach children and accompany junior youth through the educational process that Baha'is are learning to foster across the globe. She also loves to talk and share ideas with others about how this world can become a much better place - and that is why Baha'i Blog is so great!

How is Community Building like Farming?

There are many topics worthy of focus in the 29 December 2015 message from the Universal House of Justice: it is packed full of wonderful insights and guidance that generations of people around the world will continue to learn about as they work together to build a new society. I chose to look at the analogy of farming as it relates to the community building process. At the very end of the message, the Universal House of Justice states: Continue reading