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Nasser Kaviani is a lover of water and swims almost every day. He also enjoys biking, table tennis, soccer, and nature walks. When not in the swimming pool or ocean swimming, he is a senior Information, Communication and Technology Consultant with over 25 years experience with academic, private sector and UN agencies across the Pacific. He loves gardening, beekeeping, reading and going to the movies. He is also a keen cook and world traveler, together with his wife, Nayer. Since the age of 15 years, Nasser has served on Baha'i institutions at local and national levels, and pioneered to New Zealand in 1978 and Papua New Guinea in 2000. He has been a member of Rotary for over 16 years. Nasser now resides on the Gold Coast (Australia) with his wife. He has two adult children and two beautiful and adorable grandchildren.

The Tablet of Ahmad: Who Was Ahmad?

Many Baha’is around the world, myself included, recite the Tablet of Ahmad when in times of difficulty or grief. This Tablet, as well as the Obligatory Prayers and the Long Healing prayer,

[…] have been invested by Baha’u’llah with a special potency and significance, and should therefore be accepted as such and be recited by the believers with unquestioning faith and confidence.

I recently found out who Ahmad was and what he did to deserve receiving this Tablet from Baha’u’llah, and now I feel totally different when I recite it! What a blessing to get to know about him and understand why this Tablet was revealed to him! I hope that sharing some details of his story will also inspire you and will enrich your supplications when chanting this unique and powerful Tablet.  Continue reading