5 Unique Baha’i Apps for the iPhone

With Apple dominating the phone market with their massively successful iPhone, it’s no surprise that there are hundreds of thousands of apps. And they do just about every conceivable thing. Amongst this horde of applications there are a few Baha’i ones. For the most part these tend to be of the prayer and Baha’i writings variety. While those are certainly useful, today I’d like to show you five iPhone apps that are a little more unusual. If you’re an iPhone user, be sure to grab a copy of them and support our fledgling community of Baha’i app developers!

iMemorize Mobile

Whether you need to remember a quote for your Ruhi study circle, or you’re just broadening your repertoire of Baha’i quotes, the iMemorize app will prove very handy. The app provides a word omission tool to help you practice memorizing quotes. And not only does it come with a library of quotes including Baha’i ones, it has a function to let you add your own.

View the iMemorize Mobile App in iTunes

95 Taps

As part of Baha’i obligatory prayer, it’s necessary to repeat the Greatest Name (Alláh-u-Abhá) 95 times. Of course remembering where you are up to in your sequence of 95 can be tricky. People often use prayer beads to help keep track, but for the tech Baha’i, you can now use the 95 taps app to get the number right. Simple, but handy and only 99 cents!

View the 95 Taps App in iTunes


Every day Baha’is turn to the Qiblih to say our obligatory prayers. Fixed at the Shrine of Bahá’u’lláh, near `Akká, in present day Israel, it can sometimes be a bit tricky to figure out exactly where to turn to face this spot. That’s where this simple iPhone app comes in handy. Using the compass function in your phone, it’ll point you in the right direction. At $2.99 it feels a little pricey for such a simple function, but what price for praying in the right direction eh?

View the Qiblih App in iTunes

Anna’s Presentation

The introductory presentation about the Baha’i Faith known as Anna’s Presentation is a structured conversation focusing on delivering the fundamentals of the Baha’i Faith using images, text and quotations. It’s a useful way to present the religion in some situations, and this app is designed to help put it in your pocket in case such a situation comes up.

View the Anna’s Presentation App in iTunes

Baha’i World News Service for the iPhone

The Baha’i World News Service puts out a few stories a month, so you could easily keep up with it through a more general RSS based news app. But if you want your Baha’i news fix in its own application, then this one is only 99 cents and will provide the headlines in one easy to find spot.

View the Baha’i World News Service App in iTunes

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Collis is a designer, entrepreneur, writer and Baha’i. He is the CEO of Australian tech company Envato, and cofounder of Baha’i Blog / Half Light Media.

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  1. You get those Apps on Android as well, I think except for the Baha’i World News.. And there are a few more, such as Prayer Book, Gleanings, by Ian Vink. But to be honest I think this venue has to be still explored a whole lot more! Those are pretty simple.. apps.. am waiting to see more complex, more interactive ones, specially for children. My 3 year old is well at home with all the games on the iPad, so would love to see more educational Baha’i themed apps for iPad as well as iPhone, Android!

  2. eReader is another useful app – it’s a free ebook reader and you can download all of the Writings onto it. It is actualy quite a nice ebook reader as well.

  3. hello its really great to see more Baha’i apps on mobile now. But those are only for iphones and androids. What about the symbian and blackberries? Because I own a Nokia N8 which is using symbian^3 and i’m hoping for some Baha’i apps for this phone 🙂 Any feedbacks?

  4. You might also be interested in the beautiful app for the prayer, “Blessed Is the Spot: A Read and Sing Children’s Prayer Book.” It was designed by my son-in-law, Carl Young.

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