6 Gorgeous Baha’i iPhone Wallpapers

Over the last few years Apple’s iPhone has become rather ubiquitous. But what is a little harder to find are Baha’i wallpapers for the iPhone. Happily there is a lot of great imagery around that is Baha’i related, for example just check out our gallery of Stunning Photos of Baha’i Houses of Worship.

So I spent a little time this afternoon compiling some photos and images into iPhone sized wallpapers for Baha’i Blog readers to deck out their mobile phones with some inspirational background images!

Just browse to this page with your iPhone, press on the image and hold down until a little dialog comes up asking you to Save Image. Once you’ve saved it, go back to the menu and go to Settings > Wallpaper and you should be able to find the image in your Camera Roll.

If you have any of your own iPhone wallpapers to share, or know of more, please do share them in the comments! There are lots of free image hosting services like PhotoBucket where you can upload them to and link up in the comments!

Baha'i iPhone Wallpaper

Baha'i iPhone Wallpaper
Lotus Temple by Peter Davis

Baha'i iPhone Wallpaper
Baha’i House of Worship by Giant Ginkgo

Baha'i iPhone Wallpaper

Baha'i iPhone Wallpaper

Baha'i iPhone Wallpaper


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  1. Thank you for the wonderful wallpapers Collis! I’ve got the BahaiBlog one on my phone right now, but I’m thinking of changing it now for one of these! Thanks again!

  2. Normally I like wallpaper. A few days im looking for best wallpaper for my iPhone. But I didn’t choose wallpaper. Finally, I got the wallpaper from your website thank you so much for the nice post.

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