Negeen Sobhani’s Stunning Photos of the Shrine of the Bab

Negeen Sobhani is an incredibly talented photographer whose photos of the Shrine of the Bab are my all-time favourites. To celebrate the Birth of the Bab, I thought I’d share a visual feast with you and I hope that Negeen’s eye for colour, composition and detail leaves you feeling as uplifted as I feel when I gaze at her photographs.  

Some say that the Shrine of the Bab and its surrounding gardens are so beautiful that it is difficult to take a poor photo of them but Negeen’s photos capture the serenity, the vibrancy and the elegance of this special place unlike anyone else. Whenever I look at her work, I feel myself slowing down and absorbing every little richness, as if I were there. The physical beauty of the Shrine of the Bab and its terraced gardens are a physical representation, or a hint, of the spiritual beauty of the Bab’s revelation which Baha’is all over the world celebrate on the anniversary of His birth.




















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If you’re curious to know more about the Shrine of the Bab, Naysan wrote about its significance in this piece.

If you like Negeen’s work, feel free to check her out on InstagramFacebook, and Flickr, or on her website. You can also purchase her prints on Etsy.


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