Siamak Hariri: Architect of the Baha’i Temple in Chile

Here’s a wonderful interview with Siamak Hariri, the architect of the Baha’i Temple for South America located in Santiago, Chile. 

Baha’i temples, or Houses of Worship, are places of prayer and mediation open to everyone. If you’d like to read more information about them, Michael Day wrote What Kind of Temple Is This?

This interview with Siamak Hariri was produced by Aasoo, a website affiliated with the Taslimi Foundation which was created with the intention of promoting open and forbearing dialogue and tolerance in the public sphere. For more information, please visit Aasoo’s website:

Curious to know more about the Baha’i Temple of South America? Here is the link to its official website: To watch more videos about the Chile temple, its inauguration and construction, we’d recommend taking a look at its official Vimeo channel.


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  1. The design Bahá’í Temple in Chile has been taking up so much space in my mind, since I discovered the faith in 2015. I have had the most intensely spiritual dreams about being inside this place of worship. In my dreams I am in awe of God, who created man with the talent to create. As an artist I feel drawn to this beautiful structure, and kept reminding myself to find out who the architect was. I wanted to know what inspired the creation of this masterpiece, a place I have not yet visited, but am spiritually drawn to in my dreams, my wonderings, my inspiration to paint in a new way. The interview with Mr Hariri has answered all my questions around the thought process, what inspired him, what the writings say these places of worship should feel like. Mr Hariri mentions a story from his childhood, about watching a security guard stroking a wall. That is intense. I can see how and why he chose architecture as a career. When one first feels that truly overwelming feeling of spirituality, it moves one and makes one feel warm inside, just the way Mr Hariri explained the movement of light…..kissing the interior. Beautiful metaphor he used. I will visit this temple at least once in my lifetime. Work is worship, and this creation embodies that profoundly.

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