BBC Heart and Soul: Faith in Freedom

Heart and Soul is a weekly half-hour programme produced by the BBC which aims to explore different experiences of spirituality around the world. On its 11 March 2018 episode, titled “Faith in Freedom: Dr Sina Hakiman”, we meet Dr Sina Hakiman who was imprisoned three times by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard for being a Baha’i. Sina explains to John McCarthy, this episode’s host, his belief that all religions are valid. Sustained by a philosophy of “constructive resilience” he worked inside the prison as a doctor, while his wife Sholeh continued her husband’s fight for his human rights by setting up a medical clinic. 

Baha’i Blog previously showcased an episode of Heart and Soul in which Lipika Pelham examines the Baha’i Faith and the ongoing persecution of the Baha’is in Iran. She also travels to Chicago, visits the Baha’i temple there and partakes in a devotional gathering. You can listen to it here: “Baha’i: The World’s Faith”

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  1. Es ist so gut, dass der Baha’i-Glauben verbreitet wird in allen Möglichkeiten. Ich denke an die Worte Shoghi Effendi über den Atomkrieg. Nun hat die Schweiz auch mit Atom angefangen-jedoch hat der Bundesrat die Sache sofort gestoppt. Ich aber traue der Sache nicht. Der Glaube in allen Möglichkeiten- ist die wahre Rettung. ES EILT!

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