Images of Akka and its Baha’i Holy Places

The Baha’i Media Bank is a fantastic place to turn to for photos relating to the Baha’i Faith and its community building activities around the world. If you read their terms of use, you’ll see that the Baha’i International Community allows you to download and use the photos for noncommercial purposes — please don’t take my word for it and read the terms of use over carefully with your own eyes! We strive to always follow copyright law and are really grateful for this resource, whether we’re looking for historical photos or photos of children’s classes. I’ve compiled a list of my favourite photos of Akka and the Baha’i Holy Places in the prison city and its environs. I hope you enjoy this visual feast and I definitely recommend checking out the Baha’i Media Bank when you’re in need of photographs. 


Sea wall of Akka

The House of Abbud

Entrance to the House of Abbud

Prison of Akka, where Baha’u’llah was incarcerated for a period of over two years — the two windows farthest right on the second floor show the room that Baha’u’llah occupied in the prison

Prison Cell of Baha’u’llah

Door to the House of Abdu’llah Pasha

Inner courtyard of the House of Abdu’llah Pasha

The house in which Baha’u’llah stayed during His visits to the Ridvan Garden

Fountain at the Ridvan Garden


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  1. Excellent pictures of these Holy Places. The bring good memories of our pilgrimage and a sense of wonder and of humility.

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