9 Ayyam-i-Ha Gift Ideas & Resources from the Baha’i Blog Team

If you’re looking for gift ideas or resources for Ayyam-i-Ha, here is some Baha’i-inspired content from Baha’i Blog that you might find helpful in the weeks leading up to the festival of generosity! 

1. Baha’i Blog Shirts

Baha’i Blog’s t-shirts make great gifts for grown-ups and children! The Baha’i Blog team has created these shirts to help us raise funds to keep doing what we’re doing, and to also explore the use of Baha’i-inspired content through the medium of worn apparel. All of our shirts include FREE GLOBAL SHIPPING but there’s only a limited number of shirts in each size so it’s best to order now before they’re all gone! Check out our online shop and place your orders now!

2. An Introduction to Ayyam-i-Ha

If you’re looking for a description that might help you to explain Ayyam-i-Ha and its significance to others, you might want to check out this Baha’i Blog article. Yas also shared a conversation she had with nephew and nieces about what Ayyam-i-Ha means here on Baha’i Blog.

3. Learn How to Make a Gift from our Creative Ideas Videos

If you haven’t already, you may wish to check out our Creative Ideas video series. They’ll walk you through how to create a variety of craft projects that you can gift to others — you’ll find videos on how to make roses, decorations, gift boxes and many, many others! You can watch them all here on Baha’i Blog’s YouTube channel.

4. Create a Customized Baha’i Blog Studio Sessions Playlist

We have published nearly 200 Studio Sessions from around the world in a variety of languages, a diversity of musical styles, from various locations, and based on different sacred Writings of the Baha’i Faith. You can download all of our Studio Sessions from our Soundcloud page.

5. Send One Another Greeting Cards

Last year, we highlighted 19 different Ayyam-i-Ha greetings cards available for purchase online. You can read more about them here.

6. Take Our Quiz

Want to test your knowledge on Ayyam-i-Ha? There’s a quiz for that! Take the quiz with family and friends and test how much you know about Ayyam-i-Ha!

7. Listen to William Sears’ Ayyam-i-Ha Album

With young children at home, I love to play William Sears’ Ayyam-i-Ha album on repeat! The kids love the music and we find ourselves humming its melodies long into the Fast and Baha’i new year! You can purchase a copy of the album or its downloadable tracks from 9Starmedia.com

8. Playlist of Baha’i Talks

Queue up a playlist of the Baha’i talks you’ve found most inspiring and thoughtful, download them, and share them with friends. My mom is on the road a lot for the Faith so this year, I’m going to put some of these talks together for her. But don’t tell her!

9. Melissa Charepoo’s Books About Ayyam-i-Ha, the Fast & Naw-Ruz

It was a joy to interview Melissa Charepoo about her children’s books: one is all about Ayyam-i-Ha, and the other about the Fast and Naw-Ruz. My little ones love the colourful illustrations and feeling part of celebrations occurring around the world!


If there are other Ayyam-i-Ha resources that you use, or plan to make use of this year, please let us know in the comments section below!

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