Global Ridvan Celebration- Day Eight with Karim Rushdy & Colby Jeffers from Mr&Mrs Smith Studios on Vimeo.

A Global Ridvan Celebration – Day Eight with Karim Rushdy & Colby Jeffers

The team at the Baha’i Knowledge Network is sharing special programs for each day of the Festival of Ridvan. Short presentations are provided daily with special extended programming on the 1st, 9th and 12th days of Ridvan. Join friends from around the world and enjoy music, arts, crafts and even refreshments together! This video is in honor of the 8th day of Ridvan, featuring music by Karim Rushdy and Colby Jeffers, and so much more!

You can find out more about A Global Ridvan Celebration by visiting their website. You can also stay updated by following their Facebook page.

Karim and Colby are no strangers to Baha’i Blog. For example, we shared Karim’s music video “When I Breathe” and you can also watch Baha’i Blog’s interview with Nabil & Karim here: Baha’i Blog Interviews Nabil & Karim.

We also shared Colby’s “Oneness of Religion Rap” that was created in honor of the bicentenary birthdays of the Bab and Baha’u’llah and we interviewed him about his album Wizdome (you can read the interview here: Wizdome: A New Hip-Hop Album by Colby Jeffers).

For more information and resources dedicated to Ridvan, please visit this Baha’i Blog page: About Ridvan

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