A Story of Ridvan

This short video features a model of the Ridvan Garden where Baha’u’llah publicly declared His station as a Manifestation of God in 1863. The 12 days Baha’u’llah, His family, followers and friends gathered in this garden is known as the Most Great Festival, or the Ridvan Festival. Created by Milo (aged 15), Sonia (13), Muji (12) and Joey (11), along with their mom Bre, this video shows us all the details of the model they’ve created and it shares stories and quotations about the significance of what occurred in the Ridvan Garden.

Learn more about the Ridvan Festival and find discover more resources dedicated to it here: About Ridvan

If you’d like to know more about the family that created this lovely video, you might be interested in these articles by Bre:

We also interviewed Bre and her sister, Jaleh, about a website they created: Hasten Baha’i Women – A Resource Rich Website

On HastenBahaiWomen.com you can also find a great video series for kids that Milo, Sonia, Muji and Joey have created called Good Morning Baha’is.

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  1. Ganz tolles Video! Suuuppper schön und lehrreich für alle Menschen! Ich freue mich sehr, sehr und danke dem Team. Die Stimme ist wunderschön und göttlich für mich! Mega- Herzig !!!!!!!¡!!!!!!¡

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