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New Baha’i Blog Homepage, Search, Logo and More

September 24, 2015, in Articles > Baha'i Blog, by

Along with creating awesome Baha’i-inspired content, a big part of our mission here at Baha’i Blog is to advocate the use of media and the arts in the Baha’i Faith. We do this through education, encouragement, and by providing inspiration. When it comes to maintaining the site itself, we’re very conscious that Baha’i Blog should be a standard-setting publication for Baha’i projects online. Today we’re launching some changes to the site aimed at improving the experience of using the site, and we wanted to share these with you.

Updating our Logo

Our goal with Baha’i Blog’s brand design was to create a modern, friendly and approachable brand that visually referenced the name (the little white quotes also spell ‘bb’) while also communicating what we’re all about.

If you’ve been watching our Baha’i Blog videos on YouTube, you might have noticed that we’ve been slimming our logo down to a simpler, sharper and more iconic look. Today we’re rolling it out across the site. Here’s how the logo has progressed since we launched in 2011.


New Homepage & Search

In the last couple of years Baha’i Blog has exploded with new content types. We now publish much more than just the written word. These new video, audio, image and trivia posts weren’t getting as much casual browser attention as our articles, simply because they haven’t appeared on the homepage or in our search results.

As of today our homepage shows new content from all the categories, although you can still view just the written articles by jumping to the Articles section. Similarly our new search engine (powered by Swiftype) will now surface content from across the site. It also includes an autocomplete function to help you find what you’re looking for with fewer clicks.


Translations via Google Translate

If you look up in the top right we have a language dropdown that uses Google Translate to let you browse Baha’i Blog in other languages. It’s not a perfect solution to translation, but for our staffing levels, it’s a very practical one. This has been online for a few months now, so if you’ve been using it and have feedback, we’d love to hear it.

New Trivia Section

We’ve been publishing Trivia for a few years now, but like our Images section, it’s been tucked away amongst blog posts. With this set of design changes, we’ve pulled out Trivia into its own section, complete with a browse gallery so you can quickly find great Trivia quizzes to test and develop your knowledge of the Baha’i Faith.

And Lots More

We’ve got lots of other cosmetic improvements around the place, including our mobile view, social panel, YouTube subscriptions, and site notifications.

If you have suggestions on how you’d like to see Baha’i Blog improve in future to meet your needs, please let us know.

And don’t forget to keep supporting Baha’i Blog by sharing content on Facebook and other social channels, and contributing content to our hard working editorial team!

Posted by

Collis Ta'eed

Hi I’m Collis! I live in Darwin, in the Northern Territory. I’m a Baha’i, designer, entrepreneur, climate tech angel investor, and engaged in philanthropy to support First Nations young people in Australia. I've been working on Baha'i Blog since its inception in 2011!
Collis Ta'eed

Discussion 5 Comments

Love the tweaks Collis! The site already looked clean and sharp, and these new additions make things just a little sharper (not to mention the UX boost). It’s funny, I just noticed the other day that the quote marks in the logo also spelled out “bb” for Baha’i Blog. Clever design…

Dan Jones

Dan Jones (September 9, 2015 at 5:46 PM)

Thanks Dan! It’s a bit of a labour of love 🙂 I must admit the quote marks were a happy accident, but I couldn’t resist mentioning them in the post!


Collis (September 9, 2015 at 9:32 PM)

Hadn’t realized there was trivia. Can’t way to look around in there and “play”!! Love the BB. Thank you so much for doing this!

Terri Finch

Terri Finch (September 9, 2015 at 9:38 PM)

Another good job Collis & Co. Blessings on the Crew and love from me…Sx

sarah jones-bishop

sarah jones-bishop (September 9, 2015 at 9:09 AM)

A great blog! It’s my start-out-my-day-right and my take-a-break-from-work-spot. Thank you!!

Dianne Berest

Dianne Berest (September 9, 2015 at 5:42 PM)

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