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How Visiting Battambang’s Baha’i Temple Strengthened My Faith

December 28, 2021, in Articles > Baha'i Life, by

I was born into a Baha’i family in the Philippines, but grew up in the middle of the hot and humid country of Cambodia. I live in Siem Reap where there is little Baha’i activity and only a few Baha’i families and individuals. And if there is a Baha’i activity, it takes place in my house, whether it be a Nineteen Day Feast, Baha’i Holy Days like Ayyam-i-Ha, core activities or Local Spiritual Assembly meetings.

Growing up, I experienced many memorable celebrations and meaningful discussions around the Baha’i Faith; yet it wasn’t the same outside my house. Outside was a mostly Buddhist world, where it seemed as if there wasn’t any trace of the Baha’i Faith to be seen. I knew there were other Baha’is around the world, but I didn’t have access to the internet to know there were around seven million of us, at that time. I’ve seen big communities in my countries of origin (Malaysia and Philippines), but since there weren’t any other Baha’is around my age in Cambodia, I felt isolated. 

During my early primary school days (Year 1 – Year 3), I felt a little left out from the pack, as everyone around me was engaging in activities that did not resonate with the teachings of the Baha’i Faith. There was no trace of love, but instead there was materialism, backbiting, bullying, and so on. I recall being so elated one afternoon when I taught my friend at school how to pray “O God, Guide Me”. At the start of each school year I hoped there would be a new Baha’i student — I have yet to see that fantasy come into fruition. 

When I first heard about the plans for the Baha’i Temple in Battambang, I questioned how many Baha’is were really here in Cambodia. I only knew those who came to my house, and my parents’ friends who lived here. My family had the chance to go to Battambang, months prior to the opening day, to plant flowers on the sidewalks. 

At that time, the property around the temple was only starting to take shape. I remember seeing the building’s foundations being set up, with a mixture of dirt and sand blowing into my eyes as they were nearly done raising the land. The large ponds around the temple were still being dug out, and there was no sight of trees anywhere nearby, just the continuation of paddy fields that took up the surrounding area. The sidewalks were still being paved out, which gave us a good image of where to plant flowers. I remember planting two whole rows of flowers with my family, and as it was the first time I was handed gardening tools, I was beyond proud. It wasn’t much, but it did make me proud to have contributed in terms of effort to this beautiful project.

When we were invited to the eventual opening, I went on a three-hour long journey to Battambang again. I was greeted with love and care the whole time we stayed there. I saw the powerful Baha’i community of Battambang, and for the first time, I saw new, fresh, unrecognisable Baha’i faces. Not only were there Cambodian Baha’is present, there were also Baha’is from around the ASEAN region who came for the opening. For the longest time, I thought I was in a country with almost no Baha’i life whatsoever. I finally saw what a united community could bring together with its unified thought, vision, and effort. I finally saw, with my very own eyes, a bigger community that came together because of the Baha’i Faith.

Since the inauguration, my family have been regularly visiting the temple every year during school breaks. We say our family devotional, then follow up with individual prayers. Compared to saying prayers in regular places, my intentions seem to echo louder at the temple. The temple evokes a strong spiritual atmosphere and it is difficult to recreate the same feeling at home. After the prayers, we then spend our time circling around the edifice. The atmosphere is always peaceful, in and out. We walk on the sidewalks next to the flower beds to check on the flowers we planted, to see if they are still alive. 

Ever since then, I’ve joined online Baha’i lectures and classes (one of them being the Young Writers’ Endeavor), gone on pilgrimage and more. I’ve gained friends my age from all over the world through contact with the Baha’i Faith, something I never experienced here. I moved schools and although I’m the only Baha’i student, everyone is open-minded and willing to learn or ask about my beliefs. I feel as if I’ve grown closer to the Baha’i Faith than I previously was.

I feel glad to know many people, around my age and older and from different parts of the world, will relate to how I felt seeing the Baha’i community initially as something small, to seeing it now at a global scale. And perhaps those same people felt what I felt seeing their community growing and coming together as one and progressing to achieve success.

I’m excited and looking forward to meeting more Baha’is and contributing to the betterment of the world.

Posted by

Asiyih Carmela

Born from a mixed marriage (father is Indian Malaysian and mother is a Filipino) and bred in multi-diverse cultures (Malaysian, Filipino and Khmer) and currently living with her family in Siem Reap, Cambodia. She loves to read, write and illustrate with a passion. She is now in her 10th Grade and cannot wait to finish high school and start her university aiming for arts and writing courses. But for the time being, she enjoys her Junior Youth period as she participates in the JYSEP program and serves as co-teacher in a children’s class in her community.
Asiyih Carmela

Discussion 17 Comments

What a beautiful story of hope. Thank you. Many of us isolated believers long for community. Very grateful you were able to participate with more greater union, to feel the power of the Baha’i Faith to transform the world. Prayers for growth always. Much Love.


shay (December 12, 2021 at 10:23 PM)

That was great Amma. I see your grandparents ( father’s side ) in you. A valuable plant from a mighty valiant family of lovers of Bahá’u’lláh. God bless. ❤️❤️❤️

Sinna Muthusamy

Sinna Muthusamy (December 12, 2021 at 12:12 AM)

Wonderful story! A true Baha’i with so much faith. May you and your family be forever blessed for your steadfastness and faith

Wendy Jewell

Wendy Jewell (December 12, 2021 at 2:28 AM)

Well said Asiyih, and beautifully written! I remember my own amazing experience last year visiting the House of Worship (during a period of personal transformation) and then having dinner with your family and you – that day ranks as one of the happiest and most content days of my life! Keep writing, we need the world to hear you!


Aravindh (December 12, 2021 at 2:29 AM)

Thank you so much, Uncle Aravindh! I remember that day and I hope you’ll be able to come back again.

Asiyih Carmela Mariapan

Asiyih Carmela Mariapan (December 12, 2021 at 3:00 PM)

Allah’u’abha, Beautiful sharing on your journey in life along the path of service to humanity. All the best in your studies. May the Blessed Beauty shower you with blessings, assistance and successes in all your community building activities.

YP Leong

YP Leong (December 12, 2021 at 2:41 AM)

This is great hope All your dreams come true and write More about life there I have been to Angkor wat some years ago hope to visit The temple and meet the friend there.take Care with loving Baha’i


Mr.Gunasekaran (December 12, 2021 at 2:43 AM)

Sense of community is important …we need to work towards removing feelings of isolation among Bahai’s

Saratha Sangaran

Saratha Sangaran (December 12, 2021 at 3:33 AM)

Thank you for the beautiful sharing.


Leroy (December 12, 2021 at 8:36 AM)

I loved reading this, dear one! You’ve shared your experience with beautiful insight. My heart feels great joy for you, and as a young writer you show great talent. May the Blessed Beauty confirm all your efforts!

Kathy P

Kathy P (December 12, 2021 at 2:15 PM)

Congratulations Asiyih! It’s so wonderful to see your article published here and this amazing story shared with everyone. Best wishes to you and your family. Allah’u’abha

Layli Graham

Layli Graham (December 12, 2021 at 3:26 PM)

Wonderful article Asiyih! It is such a blessing having the Baha’i House of Worship in your country. Your writing is very inspiring. I was born in Jamaica and migrated to Canada many years ago. I’ve started my writing career quite late in life and a few years ago wrote a book called “I’m Aasiyah from Colibri-Cay: A story about the courage to love.” I self-published on Amazon. It is about an imaginary island inspired by Baha’u’llah’s teachings. It’s written especially for youth. It’s on Kindle and also in paperback. I hope you’ll enjoy reading it.

Burnelle Tequia Bijirita-Zahra

Burnelle Tequia Bijirita-Zahra (December 12, 2021 at 6:58 PM)

Allahu Abha Asiyih
I am an Iranian American Bahai and after travelling to more than 20 countries I decided to settle down in Cambodia.Still I do not know I will reside in Siem reap or in Battambang ,it is better I make up my mind faster because I will leave USA to Cambodia as soon as May 1st 2023.
Your article was excellent and spiritually empowering and inspiring .I am retired and for many years that I have been alone ,that gave me plenty time for meditation .I always felt Bahaullah close in my heart,through meditation I got stronger and stronger every day in Him .You are never alone He is always with you.
God bless you ,stay strong


MARCELLO SAM LUCIANO (April 4, 2023 at 12:23 AM)

Hi Allah’u’abha!
It’s wonderful to hear that. There are much more Bahai believers in Battambang in comparison to Siem Reap, but both places are equally wonderful. No matter where you are, God is always with you.
Unfortunately, I moved out of Cambodia in early 2022, but I hope you enjoy living in the Kingdom of Wonder.

Asiyih Carmela Mariapan

Asiyih Carmela Mariapan (June 6, 2023 at 6:37 PM)

Dear Asiyih, I enjoyed reading your experiences with truth .I was in Battambang in July 2016 on a special mission icw the completion of the temple.My guide was Sam Vorha, the tuk tuk driver who drove me to the temple.It was an amazing experience.He also planned my travel to Siem Reap where styed at Mario’s hpuse. I was not so well but I managed to vidit the Buddhist temple n one near the Royal House where the king would occasionally come .
I would tell you more about my life as a Bahai . I shall be 72 on March 12 this year. My two children have been serving at the BWC for almost 5 years. I would suggest ypu read A cry from tge heart by William Sears , God passes by , n tge Prophet’s daughter.Plz add me on whatsapp on ÷230 5 8436360 😆

Veenaud Boodhun

Veenaud Boodhun (February 2, 2024 at 5:28 PM)

I’m an American currently living in China. I love the framework for action that the House of Justice is promoting, and I would like to read stories about life in an intensive growth cluster, from people who live in one. I was searching for the Web pages of Baha’is where Houses of Worship have been built or will be built, and this post came up in one of my searches. I liked the story that you told here. Thank you!

Jim Habegger

Jim Habegger (March 3, 2024 at 9:47 PM)

Battambang represents the future, it is a local house of worship built to support a thriving local community. Some day all communities will have what Battambang has.


Robert (April 4, 2024 at 9:41 PM)

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