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Jacqueline Claire is all about making the world a kinder, more beautiful place and discovering every day what it means to be a Baha'i. She is an artist and blogger currently illustrating a Baha'i children's project. To see and read more visit

My 9 Practices for a Spiritually Restorative Nineteen Day Feast

Photo courtesy of the Baha'i International Community

Once every nineteen days, on the first day of each Baha’i month, Baha’is gather together in their local community to meet in what is known as the Nineteen Day Feast, and these gatherings serve as the bedrock of Baha’i community life.

Inspired by Abdu’l-Baha’s intriguing promise that should the Nineteen-Day Feast “be held in the proper fashion the friends will, once in nineteen days, find themselves spiritually restored and endued with a power not of this world,” and encouraged by the Universal House of Justice’s words that the Feast must be “adequately understood by all” to “ensure this glorious outcome,” I set out to deepen and discover what this might mean for me. What is this proper fashion?  Continue reading

My 9 Tips for Creating Imaginative Spaces for Elevated Conversation

Shoghi Effendi tells us “everyone is a potential teacher. He has only to use what God has given him” and when the Universal House of Justice speaks of “people hailing from every human group, inspired by the Revelation of Baha’u’llah” that will “give expression to patterns of thought and action engendered by His teachings” and evolve “new elements of culture,” it is talking about you!

A few months ago I hosted an art show birthday party to usher in my 29th year. I wanted to accomplish many things, mostly to unite my spiritual and artistic communities in an uplifting atmosphere of elevated conversation. I really wanted my guests to be encouraged to have meaningful conversations from the get-go.  Continue reading