About Ayyam-i-Ha

Ayyam-i-Ha is a multiple-day Baha’i festival that is joyously celebrated in countries and territories all over the world. It typically falls around the end of February and beginning of March (with the recent worldwide implementation of the Baha’i, or Badi, calendar the exact dates of Ayyam-i-Ha shift and move within the Gregorian calendar) and it is either four or five days long.

Here are nine Baha’i Blog resources and ideas dedicated to celebrating this unique and joyous time of year:

1. An Introduction to Ayyam-i-Ha

If you’re looking for a description that might help you to explain Ayyam-i-Ha and its significance to others, you might want to check out this Baha’i Blog article.

2. A Conversation on Ayyam-i-Ha

Yas shares a conversation she had with her nephew and nieces about what Ayyam-i-Ha means here on Baha’i Blog. It’s a sweet, funny, moving and informative article!

3. Learn How to Make a Gift from our Creative Ideas Videos

If you haven’t already, you may wish to check out our Creative Ideas video series. They’ll walk you through how to create a variety of craft projects that you can gift to others — you’ll find videos on how to make roses, decorations, gift boxes and many, many others! You can watch them all here on Baha’i Blog’s YouTube channel.

4. 19 Great Ayyam-i-Ha Greeting Cards

We highlighted 19 different Ayyam-i-Ha greetings cards available for purchase online. You can read more about them here.

5. Ayyam-i-Ha Quiz (Part 1)

Want to test your knowledge on Ayyam-i-Ha? There’s a quiz for that! Take the quiz with family and friends and test how much you know about Ayyam-i-Ha!

6. Ayyam-i-Ha Quiz (Part 2)

This second quiz asks some more questions about the meaning and significance of these special days of the year!

7. Listen to William Sears’ Ayyam-i-Ha Album

Beloved in many Baha’i households decades ago, William Sears’ classic Happy Ayyam-i-Ha album has been digitized and can delight new generations! You can read about the album here or purchase a copy of the album or its downloadable tracks from 9Starmedia.com

8. Melissa Charepoo’s Books About Ayyam-i-Ha, the Fast & Naw-Ruz

It was a joy to interview Melissa Charepoo about her children’s books: one is all about Ayyam-i-Ha, and the other about the Fast and Naw-Ruz. My little ones love the colourful illustrations and feeling part of celebrations occurring around the world!

9. What Ayyam-i-Ha Means to Me & My Family

Ayyam-i-Ha is a very special time for Bre Vader and her family: they welcomed two adopted children into their hearts and their home during this festival! In this article she shares how her family celebrates and cherishes this wonderful time of year!

10. HAPPY AYYAM-I-HA song by Andy Grammer

Baha’i Blog is super excited to share this fun little song called “HAPPY AYYAM-I-HA” performed by Andy Grammer and written by Andy Grammer, Red Grammer, and Jamey Heath.