Temple Dedication: Mother Temple of South America – English from Templo Bahá'í de Sudamérica on Vimeo.

Temple Dedication: Mother Temple of South America – English

Templo Baha’i de Sudamerica (Baha’i Temple of South America) has released this short video about the dedication of the House of Worship in Chile. 

Conference highlights seen in this video include descriptions of the sacrificial pioneering efforts of Leonora Armstrong, Martha Root and May Maxwell and the spiritual role of the indigenous people of South America.

This video is also available in Spanish and Portuguese.

For more videos about the Chile Temple, its dedication and its construction, please take a look at the official Vimeo channel of Templo Baha’i de Sudamerica.

The full public opening ceremony of the Chile Temple can be watched on the Baha’i World News Service, where you can also find many articles and photographs capturing the dedication of this precious edifice.

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  1. Éste Templo de Adoración para mí es una señal de amor, bondad y benevolencia de Dios hacia Su creación, reuniéndola bajo Su amparo y protección. Ver éstos rostros radiantes y felices me transmiten inmensa alegría y esperanza.

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