We Love Seeing You Wearing Baha’i Blog Apparel! (Part 3)

The Baha’i Blog team is excited to share our third collection of photos of people wearing our t-shirts, and sadly this will be the last of these collections, as the Baha’i Blog Shop is scheduled to close in less than a week, on 10 July, 2019.

You can learn more about why we’re closing down the Baha’i Blog Shop from this article ‘Baha’i Blog Shop Closing – Last Chance to Get Your Baha’i-Inspired T-Shirts!‘, and we’d really like to express A BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who has supported us over the years by buying something from our shop, and for all those who have helped us with the shirts and the shop, and all that goes into making an initiative like this happen!

We love it when we see pictures of people wearing our t-shirts pop up on social media pages, and it’s always great hearing about the impact the shirts are having, so we decided to showcase some of the images shared with us in this third collection called “We Love Seeing You Wearing Baha’i Blog Apparel! (Part 3)”. You can see part one and part two of these collections using these links below:

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Before we begin the collection, I’d like to give one last reminder that buying our shirts helps Baha’i Blog continue to create all the Baha’i-inspired content we’ve been working on over the last eight years, plus they really do make great gifts for you and your family and friends! All of our shirts are limited editions and are printed by hand, and all orders include FREE GLOBAL SHIPPING, so head on over to the Baha’i Blog Shop to get your last shirts before they’re gone!!

Now on with the collection!

Pictured here is Baha’i Blog team member Sonjel’s daughter, Violette. She was very excited to wear her shirt at their regional summer school — especially since she has been learning about what it means to demonstrate having a radiant heart.

When we were trying to decide what t-shirt colors we should use for this ‘Radiant Heart’ design, and also our ‘Brilliant Star’ design, Sonjel took it to the ‘Baha’i Mommies Facebook group’ to help us choose, and that’s how we chose the colors. Thank you everyone who helped us choose!

Get your ‘Radiant Heart‘ and ‘Brilliant Star‘ t-shirts and onesies before it’s too late!

Here’s our dear friend Pharan, wearing his ‘Live To Do Good‘ t-shirt. Pharan’s not only written some articles on Baha’i Blog, but he’s always been a huge supporter and constant source of encouragement! Here’s what he had to say about he had to say about his shirt:

“I love my Baha’i Blog shirt, such great quality and such a wonderful conversation starter. What does it really mean to ‘live to do good?’”

We literally only have a few of these left, so get your ‘Live To Do Good‘ shirt, and other designs, here at the Baha’i Blog Shop.

Pictured above is our dear friend Neda’s son, Kian. Neda told us that he loves wearing his ‘Radiant Heart’ shirt as it fits his personality so well, and it helps open the door to discussing Baha’i ideals.

Get your ‘Radiant Heart‘ shirts and onesies from the Baha’i Blog Shop before it’s too late!

Our dear friend Otsile from Botswana is one of the main people behind helping us get Baha’i Blog Studio Sessions filmed in both Durban and Johannesburg, South Africa (like this one for example)! Thanks so much Otsile for all your hard work and continued support! Here’s what she had to say about her shirt:

“I love wearing the Bahai Blog t-shirt because it’s a great initiative, it’s a simple platform to teach people about Baha’i Faith, and I always refer them to the blog and they appreciate it.”

Thanks again for all your hard work and support Otsile!

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Neeka is off to school in her new ‘Radiant Heart’ t-shirt, and here’s what her mother told us:

“It’s never too early to start teaching them how to have meaningful conversations. Thanks Baha’i Blog for all your efforts!”

Well we agree, and we really appreciate all the support and encouragement!

You can get your ‘Radiant Heart‘ shirts and onesies, plus other designs from the Baha’i Blog Shop.

A special shout-out goes to Daniel Williams, who’s been helping Baha’i Blog behind the scenes, especially with transcribing all of our interviews from our ‘Personal Reflections‘ project. Daniel is Baha’i Blog team member Jordan’s brother, the guy who does our popular ‘WHAT’S THAT WORD?‘ video series for junior youth. In fact, it started to become quite funny, as every time we would see Daniel, he’d be wearing a Baha’i Blog t-shirt.

Here’s what he had to say about it:

“Over the past few years I’e been rockin’ the Baha’i Blog fashion. It’s actually surprising how many conversations about the Faith have been struck up due to someone asking about my t-shirt, so not only has it been something cool to wear, but also an excellent method of telling people about the Faith.”

Well thanks again for all your support and hard work Daniel!

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Here’s my niece Layli rockin’ her ‘World Citizen’ t-shirt, and she’s definitely an example of a world citizen herself! Layli and her family have been a HUGE part of helping us sell our Baha’i Blog t-shirts. They’ve helped time-and-time again with unpacking and packing, and then unpacking and re-packing again, over and over, and they’ve played a huge part in helping us sell the shirts at the Grand Canyon Baha’i Conference and other events as well.

Thanks again to Layli and her family for all the help and support over the years!

Get your ‘World Citizen‘ t-shirts and onesies before it’s too late!

Finally, here are our dear friends Flavio and Natalia from Brazil, using Baha’i Blog’s ‘Radiant Heart’ shirt to announce that they’re having a baby! (Woohoo!)

They’ve been huge supporters of Baha’i Blog over the years, and Flavio has collaborated with us on numerous Baha’i-inspired media projects, including the film ‘Hope from Iran‘.

Congratulations on the pregnancy, and thanks again for all the support!

Get your ‘Radiant Heart‘ shirts and onesies and other Baha’i Blog designs from the Baha’i Blog Shop before it’s too late!

Well that’s it for this final collection of people wearing our Baha’i Blog t-shirts, and thank you again to all those who participated and sent us their photos, and to everyone for supporting Baha’i Blog and what we do!

The store is closing in less than a week, so if you’d like to get a shirt for yourself or as a gift, head on over to the Baha’i Blog Shop now and get yours before it’s too late!


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