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Collis is a designer, entrepreneur, writer and Baha’i. He is the CEO of Australian tech company Envato, and cofounder of Baha’i Blog / Half Light Media.

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15 Captivating Photos of the Baha’i House of Worship in Wilmette

Designed by Canadian architect Jean-Baptiste Louis Bourgeois, and officially dedicated in 1953, the Baha’i House of Worship in Wilmette, Illinois sees hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. It’s a beautiful building with an exquisitely ornate construction, that is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. We’ve collected here some gorgeous images from social photo sharing site 500px, you can click through to see them full-screen, or purchase a print.

You can learn more about the House of Worship including how and when to visit, or take a trip through history with the Chicago Tribune’s collection of Classic Photos that even includes a photo from the temple’s 1931 fire. Continue reading

The House of Worship and Baha’is of Ashkhabad

It’s always fascinated me that the very first Baha’i House of Worship (Mashriqu’l-Adhkar) no longer exists. Built in the city of Ashkhabad in modern day Turkmenistan, the House of Worship enjoyed only a brief 20 year history before it was relinquished to the hands of the Soviet authorities. It was later destroyed following one of the deadliest earthquakes in modern history, with tremors so severe that some estimates suggest almost two thirds of the city’s population perished.

The story of how this House of Worship came to be, and what was accomplished in those twenty years by one of the earliest Baha’i communities is fascinating. What’s more, there are many photos remaining in existence. We’ve compiled some of these images, along with a little bit of the story behind this foundational Baha’i community. Continue reading

New Baha’i Blog Homepage, Search, Logo and More

Along with creating awesome Baha’i-inspired content, a big part of our mission here at Baha’i Blog is to advocate the use of media and the arts in the Baha’i Faith. We do this through education, encouragement, and by providing inspiration. When it comes to maintaining the site itself, we’re very conscious that Baha’i Blog should be a standard-setting publication for Baha’i projects online. Today we’re launching some changes to the site aimed at improving the experience of using the site, and we wanted to share these with you. Continue reading

6 Examples of Baha’i-Inspired Tattoos

I’ve always thought tattoos were amazing. How do you choose a symbol or message when it’s going to be permanently with you? While I’ve never been brave enough to get one, I often think that my faith is one thing that is sufficiently timeless to be permanently inscribed. But do Baha’is get tattoos? Is it allowed, and what do they choose? I set out to find some guidance and examples!

Guidance on Tattooing

As you might imagine, I’m not the first person to wonder about the Baha’i view on tattoos. In response to a letter in 2003, the Baha’i World Centre issued this guidance: Continue reading

Baha’i Blog Images – Galleries of Beautiful Baha’i-related Visual Works

A big part of our mission here at Baha’i Blog is to showcase and highlight the amazing Baha’i projects and work going on around the world. That’s why a year ago we broadened our site with a gallery of great Baha’i-related video, and then this year we added a showcase of Baha’i-inspired music and audio. Today we’re excited to launch yet another new part of the site.

Baha’i Blog Images features photos, wallpapers, design, art and other imagery. We’ll be publishing photographic portfolios from talented Baha’i creators, historic and event related images, evocative art and design, and of course pictures of beautiful Baha’i architecture, plus lots more! Continue reading

Beautiful Baha’i Quotes in Pictures – Edition #1

The Baha’i Faith is blessed with an enormous volume of beautiful writings from its central figures – The Bab, Baha’u’llah, and ‘Abdu’l-Baha. Baha’is are fond of quoting passages from these writings for inspiration, guidance and wisdom. With the advent of social media, Baha’is have also been sharing their favourites on sites like Twitter (a great source there is @Bahai_Quote) and more recently on Instagram in image form. We’ve collected ten of our favourite quotes in image form for your enjoyment along with a few links at the bottom to find and share more. If you want to make your own, take a look at our tutorial on How to Make Inspiring Baha’i Quotes in Images. Continue reading

What to Do When You Lose Your Way

At some time in our lives, we all lose our way. Whether it’s a detour, a sideroad, or ultimately just a different road, each of us has to find their own path. Perhaps the time we feel most fraught is in youth. On popular social media site Reddit, in the Baha’i channel, a discussion thread popped up in response to a youth seeking advice. Other Baha’is offered support and posted advice, much of which is applicable to anyone who is confused, lost or simply unsure. Like many Baha’is, I’ve had my times in just that place, and I thought the advice was worth reposting for anyone else who might find themselves looking for some wisdom. Continue reading

Listen to the 2012 Ridvan Message

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 7.55.15 amIn 2012 the Universal House of Justice greeted the worldwide Baha’i community with an expression of praise and encouragement. The Supreme Body shared news of the continued advancement of the Cause through the efforts of eager souls “engaged in the work of constructing a new world through the systematic implementation of the Five Year Plan.” Narrated by Aria Bruss for HearTheWritings, this audio rendition of the 2012 Ridvan Message is available to listen to for free, or to purchase in CD format.

Download the Full Message from HearTheWritings

Badasht Vol. III – Visionaries

The Badasht Project returns with a new album called Visonaries, which is a 2-CD set of 21 songs dedicated to the youth, featuring an ever-greater circle of collaborators spanning every genre from electronica to bluegrass to hip-hop. The new album features young artists, some already well along their path, others recorded for the first time, creating music ranging from the purely devotional, using passages from the Baha’i Writings to the personal and introspective, in the inspired language of the heart.

Read our interview of Badasht’s JB Eckl on Baha’i Blog