Tahirih, Breaking Barriers for the Freedom of All Women | Pegah Nabili

In this talk, produced by Bahaiteachings.org, Pegah Nabili tells the story of Tahirih, 19th-Century Iran’s most courageous woman, who removed her veil, defying cultural customs, to announce that a new culture of equality had dawned. “Her fight reminds me,” Nabili says, “that the fight for progress is not won by passive words, but by bold action.” 

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Curious to know more about Tahirih?

  • We shared a brief introductory article about her, here on Baha’i Blog.
  • We also interviewed Bahiyyih Nakhjavani about her book based on the life of Tahirih, The Woman Who Read Too Much. You can find the interview here.
  • We spoke with author Hussein Ahdieh about his book, The Calling: Tahirih of Persia and Her American Contemporaries. You can read that interview here.  

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  1. How then does one relate the Greatest Holy Leaf to the idea of “ bold action”? I think the West takes a lot of meaning from “bold” that may have less to do with the strength of spirit pointed to than in the eyes of the beholder. I could say the Leaf’s life was one of bold but quite action. No outward dramatic demonstrations and misunderstandings. And nothing like passivity. What high standard rises from the life of the Greatest Holy Leaf, the greatest station any woman has this dispensation?

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