Transformation of a Community: The Daga Story – Jalal Mills

In this presentation called ‘Transformation of a Community: The Daga Story’ given by member of the Continental Board of Counsellors for Australasia, Dr. Jalal Mills, at the Heroes Teaching Conference held in Brisbane, Australia, 6-7 April, 2019, Counsellor Mills shares an excerpt from the film ‘A Widening Embrace’ which features the Daga community in Papua New Guinea, and he shares insights and lessons we can all learn from their example.

The Heroes Teaching Conference was a historic gathering of over 1,000 Baha’i adults, youth, junior youth and children, as well as some of their like-minded friends from all over Southern Queensland and Northern New South Wales, Australia. Organised by the Regional Baha’i Council and Board of Counsellors, the program aimed to help its participants find their place in service to Baha’u’llah and humanity, by drawing on the heroism of the past, inspiring them to arise, through humble service, and become heroes of the Faith for this age.

You can watch the film ‘A Widening Embrace’ here: A Widening Embrace (English)

You can listen to the audio of this talk here: Transformation of a Community: The Daga Story – Jalal Mills

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  1. a beautiful video dear Naysan! These children are divine! Oh, if all the children of the world are allowed to experience something so beautiful? How happy would we prefer Naysan? You just have to cry, cry for a lot of poor kids and parents in this world! 1000x thank you very so much dear Naysan

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