About the Baha’i Fast

The Baha’i Fast falls during the month of Ala – the last month of the Baha’i calendar. During these 19 days, Baha’is – with the exception of women who are nursing or pregnant, the elderly, children, the sick, those travelling and those engaged in heavy labour – abstain from food and drink between sunrise and sunset.

While this abstention from food and drink is a test of one’s will and discipline, the Fast is not just about abstaining from food. The Fast is, primarily, a spiritual practice.

In honor of this Baha’i month, we’ve pulled together a list of 22 Baha’i Blog resources, in no particular order, all dedicated to the Fast.

1. The Baha’i Fast

In this brief introductory article, Sara shares some thoughts about the Baha’i Fast and its significance.

2. Five Tips for a Healthy, Happy Fast

In this article, Collis explores some practical ideas for having a positive fasting experience. The comments are worth reading too — there’s an interesting dialogue there.

3. 9 Ways to Fast When You Can Eat

9 Ways to Fast When You Can Eat

Many are exempt from physically fasting, but that doesn’t mean you can’t partake of the Fast in a spiritual manner. This article offers a few ideas for how to participate in the Fast when you are not abstaining from eating and drinking.

4. “Fasting Prayer” by Rosalynd & Pascal


In this Baha’i Blog Studio Session, Rosalynd Koch and Pascal Schmidt sing the quote, “Verily, I say, fasting is the supreme remedy and the most great healing for the disease of self and passion.” You can download this song from SoundCloud.

5. 4 Things the Fast Helps Us Strengthen

4 Things the Fast Helps Us Strengthen 864x550In his article, Naysan offers some thoughts on the spiritual attributes and qualities that we strengthen during the Fast.

6. Meditations for the Fast – Elika Mahony

You can stream Elika Mahony’s album, Meditations for the Fast, where she puts the words of Baha’u’llah and Abdu’l-Baha about the Fast to beautiful and enchanting melodies.

7. The Baha’i Fast: Learning to Realise How Much You Have, by ‘Not Having’

Bahai Fast Learning Realise How Much You Have by Not Having

Amy’s article is deeply moving and touching. It discusses the passing of her mother and how the Fast helps us to develop empathy for the suffering of others.

8. Fast in a Day


Fast in a Day (2012) is a global attempt – created by Media Makes Us – to crowd source the feelings and emotions that surround the Baha’i Fast. All footage was generated from users of their online network and was filmed during the fasting period.

9. Fasting for Love

In this article, Kamelia writes about different ways of approaching the Fast and how she now sees fasting as an act of love.

10. Fasting in Other Religions

Ever wondered what the practice of fasting looks like in other faiths? This article introduces how this spiritual practice is carried out by believers of some of the world’s religions.

11. Baha’i Blog Quiz: The Fast

Test your knowledge of the Fast with this 10 question quiz!

12. The Supreme Remedy: A New Book About Fasting by Deborah Walters

In this interview, Deborah Walters, a Doctor of Naturopathy and Homeopathy, talks about her book, The Supreme Remedy, which explores her thoughts as to why Baha’u’llah said the fast is a remedy for self and passion.



13. A Reflection on Our Eating Habits and the Environment

Delaram shares some personal thoughts and experiences about using the Fast as an opportunity to be more mindful of the food we eat and purchase and its impact on the planet.

14. Fasting, Prayer & Meditation: A Baha’i-Inspired Reflection

Emad writes about some commonalities between fasting, prayer and meditation and how they relate to mindfulness and awakening.

15. Dedicating the Fast to a Goal

Soheila shares some her ideas about using the Fast as a time to set a goal and how to work towards achieving it.

16. Melissa Charepoo’s Children’s Books About Ayyam-i-Ha, the Fast & Naw-Ruz

Looking for a way to explain the Fast to a child? Melissa Charepoo has written a book just for that purpose. Observing the Fast and Celebrating Naw-Ruz Around the World explains, with colourful images, some the basic principles of the Fast to a young audience.

17. My 7 Tips for Fasting When You Have Young Children

Speaking of sharing the Fast with kids, Amy’s article offers some practical and concrete suggestions for fasting when you are the primary caregiver for young children.

18. 19 Day Baha’i Fast ~ Episode 1: An Introduction

In this introductory video, Nabilinho draws on the Baha’i Writings to explain the Baha’i Fast and outline some of its physical and spiritual aspects.

19. The Fast and Sacrifice

Morris reflects on what he is giving up when he is fasting, the relationship between sacrifice and the fasting period and the difference between the physical Fast and the spiritual Fast.



20. Conquering My Fear of Fasting

Chetan offers his thoughts and experiences about moving from worrying about the Fast, to accepting and fasting joyfully.

21. Fasting: So It’s not Just About the Food?

Naysan shares some thoughts on the spiritual nature of the Fast and how it’s more than abstaining from eating and drinking during the day.


22. Jacqueline Claire’s Soul Nourishing Artworks

In this interview, we hear from Jacqueline Claire about an arts newsletter she sent out every day of the Fast and we feast our eyes on some of her artwork!

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